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New television series attacks America with gusto!
Hollywood Reporter announced today the completion of a pilot tv program tentatively titled "American Secrets".
Martin Sheen produced the pilot and plays in the starring role as "President John. J. Winchester"
Timmothy Robbins co-stars as "Secretary of the Defense William D. Hunt".
According to screenwriter, J. deBonier, the show is centered around a president who admires the centuries old ways arab ruling families supress their people and convince them into believing their lives of poverty are the laws of Allah.
Winchester, a popular president among the dissident factions of his own country, lobbies tirelessly to subdue his nation into recognizing the wisdom of peace and complacency as his brother nations enforce and expand the rightousness of "jihad".
Susan Sarandon plays cameo roles in the pilot as the "other woman" who encourages the development of harems in the white house.
The pilot is purportedly being marketed to major television studios in Los Angelese and, according to unidentified sources, is so far being quite well received.