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imperialism & war

The Nazi's didn't lose the war, they just had to move.

After the CIA's Project Paperclip, under Harry Trumen, there are plenty of frightening similarities that have grown increasingly more obvious between the United States and Nazi Germany, especially now that the U.S. won victory in World War III (the Cold War) and is now the remaining empire.
First watch this video about the link between the MK-ULTRA experiments by the CIA in the 1960's and Project Paperclip when the CIA imported a bunch of Nazi scientists and propagandists. Notice they studied all the drugs on the streets today, and for psychological warfare purposes, and notice the effect these drugs have as a whole on current society. Seems to fit their aims perfectly. Then consider the fact that a bunch of Nazi's where brought over here, and consider what Nazism is.

Nationalist Socialism is an odd and confusing mix of left-like social reforms and ultra-right policy and world view. Look at what the Project for the New American Century has on it's website as it's statement of principles. It is an odd and confusing perspective of "liberal" values and principles (market liberal only), and a Hawkish, xenophobic and paranoid world view that leads to policy that sets ultimatums for the whole Earth and aims to use military force and economic domination to force all human beings on Planet Earth, each individually and everyone as a whole, to live the way Americans have been portrayed as living (it is a world view forced on Americans as well), and to view the world and life in the same way, to build their infastructure the same way, to act, talk, think, behave, all the same way as Americans are portrayed to. So, instead of the doctrine of "Aryan Racial Superiority," it is "American Lifstyle Superiority." They just try to make it look good by calling it "liberal and democratic." An odd mix of Left and Right, designed to put one class in the position of "the Ultimate Highground," as military heads call it.

First watch GNN's "Most Dangerous Game," about Project Paperclip and MK-ULTRA.

If that link doesn't work try this one

Then take a look at this perspective of the "War on People," from RM-IMC.

Then take a look at the Project for the New American Century.


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And the Ottoman Empire.... 14.Apr.2003 18:35

Jake the Snake

and the Spanish Conquistadors...and the Napoleanic Wars...and the Ho Chi Minh revolution...and the ...and...and....
Hey! I just had a fantastic revelation!
Let's blow the hell out of the entire world and start all over again!!!!!
Only this time, can we do without all of those space invaders planting secret stuff all over the planet that we can't understand?
I mean, all those Easter Island creepie things and yucko stuff like that?
Let's just start with..like...Elvis...okay?
Thanks a whole heap!

Thank you for the post 'never again' 14.Apr.2003 22:09

got your number

Jake - you're a jerk! (Geez, I really wish all of these homeless beggar types would stop getting on the internet, don't you agree Molly? >;)