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Forest Management is Capitalist Ecocide: Photo Essay, Pt. 3 of 3

photos and reflections from the Willamette National Forest, near Eugene

When we first approached the Pryor timber sale we found the road blocked, "to avoid disturbance to wildlife". The experienced forest activists felt this was unusual and scoffed at the given reason. They suspected the road was blocked to prevent people from checking out the state of the sales.

This is unit 9 of the sale. Until last fall, this area looked like unit 7, in the previous essay.

The "overstory removal", which the Forest SerVice calls a "partial cut", is for all intents and purposes a clearcut. Most of the surviving trees will not live long. Their root systems have been damaged, and they are more susceptible to wind now.

This photo is taken from the peak of the ridge looking down. The intact trees at the bottom are a couple hundred yards away. The top layer of soil on the slope has already started washing away during the winter rains, taking with it plants and animal habitat. Many dead ferns were among the stumps and piles of drying branches. Sunlight over the summer will heat up this area to above normal temperatures, creating a fire hazard. Many of the younger trees allegedly helped by this cut will die over the next few months, too. There is nothing "managed" here except lumber company profit.

We ran across this small timber sale on one of the roads near Pryor.

The yellow tubes contain tiny saplings. This is the Forest SerVice's attempt at replanting. The chances for survival for any of these trees is small. The sun will be too hot and bright for them, and many will be washed away as the slope erodes.

This is water flowing from a spring in this sale. Here, it is choked with debris and forced into a culvert. EPA regulations forbid logging in such "riparian areas", but the Forest SerVice clearly ignored that mandate. They steal and lie, as their corporate sponsors pay them to do. It's sick.

Think about this image here next time you're reaching for the toilet tissue or are about to use some other paper product. This is where they come from. Reduce your use of all such items drastically, if you want to help avoid more of this murder.

The destruction of natural places is the result of another war being fought by the U.S. government, with the assistance of the brainwashing corporate media. While thousands die in Iraq and elsewhere, the last wilderness is being razed here. The disregard for life is truly terrorist. This is violence, but those who try to stop it are called "eco-terrorists". Only 5-6% (some say less) of the old growth forest in the U.S. remains. The time for compromise is over. Zero-cut on public lands is the only sensible policy at this point.

To help save the trees in this area, put your energy and resources into Cascadia Summer, a direct action and education campaign that is underway and will continue throughout 2003.