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Mike Hawash's unjustified detention finally making national news

Link to an article about Mike's case.

Mike Hawash's detention is finally attracting national attention. Here is a CNET article about it. Seems that the support of the community and his co-workers at Intel may be making a difference after all. Keep up the pressure!

Mere Words: a warblog

good! 14.Apr.2003 12:01

republic of cascadia citizen

i am proud to see so many average citizens coming out against this unjust detainment of mike hawash. we will not be like the privileged germans who sat in quiet desperation while their jewish neighbors were hauled away. hell no! the fourth reich will have to fight every step of the way to take our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family away from us. we will NOT be silent!

has ben nat'l 14.Apr.2003 12:16

Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Hawash's case has been national news almost since the beginning.



for links to news stories.

Great link, but.... 14.Apr.2003 12:17

missing something?

Wow, nice website, with lots of articles that caught my interest...

awesome statements by Michael Moore about his polarizing and outspoken Oscars acceptance speech for Bowling For Columbine... about the fictitious times we live in...

and a link to another site showing the fictitiousness of the staged statue-toppling event

and that now famous picture of the woman who was shot in the neck by the woodon bullet in California

a callout to visit the websites of KBOO, the Guardian, Portland and other Indymedia sites,

and an April 3 statement by Nader...

But I don't see the reference to mike hawash making national news...Is there another link I am missing? Or was this linked to accidentally?

the link 14.Apr.2003 13:19


It's in the middle of the second sentence ... "CNET article"