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Do you like sports movies?

Rent "Bull Durham"
I saw in the news where Dale Petroskey, was in charge of a "Bull Durham" festival canceled the event because of politics. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have made anti-war statements, and he wanted to punish them for it. He cancelled the festival because Tim and Susan were both stars in the movie.
What I suggest we all do is go out and rent or buy all of the copies of "Bull Durham" just a send a message to the sports fans. Dale Petroskey can hit the showers.
This kind of censorship cannot be tolerated.
And further more 13.Apr.2003 09:20

The Redcoat

Maybe there could be a special showing at the Clinton Street Theater?

Censorship at the Baseball Hall of Fame 13.Apr.2003 09:36


Buzzflash.com has been following this story, and has linked to several pieces of commentary about it:

Text of Tim Robbins' Letter (The Hartford Courant)

Writer Cancels Over Cooperstown 'Bull Durham' Snub (Reuters)

Free speech gaffe goes in hall of shame (The Charlotte Observer)

Say It Ain't So (Albany Times Union)

Pity 13.Apr.2003 10:57

movie fan

While supporting your stance, I think it's a shame "Bull Durham" is the focus. That isn't the best movie ever made. If Cooperstown refused to show it based on lack of artistic merit rather than free speech, no-one would even notice, let alone object.

silver lining 14.Apr.2003 00:29

made up

Maybe it is for the best. Although it sucks when people personalize politics and think they can "punish" others for their beliefs, isn't the world better off with no Bull Durham Festival?

BD 14.Apr.2003 01:34

Tom Petty

Bull Durham, along with Eight Men Out and perhaps Field of Dreams, is one of the best baseball movies ever made. It takes an honest look at the reality of minor league ball, and it does a pretty good job of portraying the lifestyle. HELL YEAH, RENT BULL DURHAM. Buy it if you want. But don't do because of bullshit politics. Do it because Bull Durham is an awesome baseball movie.

Apologies 14.Apr.2003 03:29

made up

Tom Petty, I admire your devotion. Apologies if the "silver lining" post was offensive. A festival just seemed a bit much.