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To Serve and Protect

Pioneer Place's private security service?
To Serve and Protect
To Serve and Protect
What's your point? 13.Apr.2003 11:13


What's so unusual about a Portland police car near Pioneer Mall, or anywhere else, for that matter?

I've worked downtown for the past 15 years and I can assure you that it isn't unusual to see police cars down there. Oddly enough, we also see a lot of fire trucks, ambulances and Tri-Met busses.

There are a lot of police cars and other service vehicles in Portland. They're all over town. So, you caught a picture of one next to Pioneer Mall ... so what?

A Point or Two 13.Apr.2003 13:25


The police car is parked on the *sidewalk* next to the door, not "near" Pioneer Place. The cops are at another door (on the SW corner) screening people who enter. Who's protecting what from whom? Who's paying for it?

So, what's your point? 13.Apr.2003 15:09


It's also not unusual to see police cars parked on the sidewalk ... especially if they're responding to a call. I've even seen them park on the MAX tracks now and again (which can be *really* amusing when a train comes along <vbg>)

Your picture doesn't show anyone screening people, but even if that is going on at another door, so what? Again, this is not unusual behavior in a response situation.

As for who's paying for it ... among others ... I am!

I have no more problem with them parked outside Pioneer Mall than I have with them parked outside my house the time my neighbor was on vacation and his house was being broken into. I called them, I wanted their help and they showed up right away.

Responding to calls is precisely what the police are paid to do and what I as a taxpayer want them to do.

And, I don't care who calls for help. If *you* call for help, I by God want them at *your* side ... right now!

what you're missing 13.Apr.2003 16:06


Citizen should also point out that the light post in front of the mall indicates that PGE is Pioneer Place's private elecrtical utility, and perhaps that MAX sign you can see in the background indicates that Tr-Met is Pioneer Place's private transportation companty. You could, of course, take this line of reasoning all the out to where it becomes so absurd that even Citizen would have to admit he's a MORON.

Pigs in action 13.Apr.2003 16:54


What was particularly disturbing about this was that the car was there when I was on my way to the rally at 2 pm, and was STILL THERE at 7 pm. I would think that they would have cleared up anything that could possibly go wrong in FIVE HOURS!!

Oh, I get it....the cop car was performance art. ?!?

Morons 13.Apr.2003 18:17


mE: If Citizen followed your line of reasoning to its absurd extent, he would be a moron. I think you're hanging out there by yourself, though.

Just maybe . . . 14.Apr.2003 09:34

hubba bubba gumfighter

Just maybe . . . the cops were there because Pioneer Place paid for them to be there? You can hire cops through the police union to do security work. Hmmm. Wonder if you could hire some to protect you from other cops at marches or rallies?