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"Attack ____? No!" images avaiable

Just posted some "Attack ___? No!" images to my website - please check out and use as you see fit.
"Attack ____? No!" images avaiable
"Attack ____? No!" images avaiable
Just posted some "Attack ___? No!" images to my website - please check out and use as you see fit.

Attack Iraq? No!
Attack Syria? No!
Attack Iran? No!
Attack N. Korea? No!
Attack Pakistan? No!
Where is Bush taking us?

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Kick Saddams's Butt 13.Apr.2003 03:35

God's Bald Wonder

Cut his head off! Hahahahahahahah! Feed him to the dog's. You bunch of fucking cowards. I set you straight today, you and your little communist parade. It only took one of me, but I showed you.
Kick Saddams's Butt
Kick Saddams's Butt

HAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! 13.Apr.2003 11:42


yeah, "god's skinhead wonder", your demonstration of ONE reeeeeeaaaallly made a point. i think the point was "hey, i guess i AM the only one who thinks fascism and imperialism is cool". what a limp dick skinhead.

um..... no 13.Apr.2003 12:18


You showed me what? You showed me that it's important for me to get out there and SHOUT THE TRUTH at every chance I get. You help us draw thousands and thousands more. Thanks!!!

shiny dome 13.Apr.2003 14:51


yeah, you really said something profound, except it's your cronies that put him in power. And, ya know, cut the commie crap. As I said before, if anyone meets the criteria for a commie, it's none other than GW Bush and every one of you neo-cons.

hold it 13.Apr.2003 16:14


Hold on there, my sign didn't say "Put Saddam Back in Power". It said ">5,000 KILLED" and insinuated "What kind of insane World War policy is Bush pushing us into?"

NOBODY in the anti-war crowd supported Saddam or wanted him to remain in power. When the pro-war crowd calls us Saddam Lovers, that makes about as much sense as us calling them Baby Killers. It's ridiculous, and takes the debate nowhere.

Reality is much more complicated. People in the anti-war crowd are aghast at the needless killing, the unilateral, unbelievably short-sighted and alienating foreign policy the Bush Administration is pushing... and the consequences this will have for our domestic security. With the war in Iraq we've done Al-Qaeda's recruiting for them and encouraged Iran and North Korea to ramp up their programs to acquire nukes.

Yes, Saddam was a brutal, dangerous dictator. But there are other ways to depose a tyrant than starting a fire in the proverbial Middle East tinderbox. This is what the anti-war crowd was saying - and NOW we're saying "for god's sake, don't make the fire spread on purpose!'"


hey, dumbass 13.Apr.2003 16:58


I thought we already kicked his butt. You're a little late, man.