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Just wondering . . .

I was just wondering if anyone has listened to the police scanner that you can get online. The address is  http://www.oregonlive.com/policescanner/. I did for the first time tonight and I was impressed by how busy everything seemed--and most of the calls were people who needed help (like accident victims and the like) not people who needed to be harassed.
and your point is? 12.Apr.2003 23:40

republic of cascadia citizen

hmmmm, do i smell a pork product from "tom petty"? is your point to give kudos to the police for being such helpful, busy, kind citizens who respond to people in need? please. of course the police do a lot of good work and help out the community. so do all of the teachers, health workers, church volunteers and all the various activists in this community who dedicate their time to helping others. but many of the police are also racist, sexist pigs with serious unresolved control issues who get off on harassing and beating on others. no teacher ever sprayed me in the face with pepper spray for simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. respect for the popo? hell no.

Yeah . . . 13.Apr.2003 00:31

Tom Petty

Are there racist and sexist police officers? Certainly. In fact, I've had the pleasure of interacting with some of these officers. However, the police don't have the market cornered on bigotry. I know bigoted church volunteers, firefighters, and teachers. I even know teachers that get off on f**king their students. My point was simply that, before tonight, I didn't know how much time the police spend tracking down lost dogs, talking to accident victims, and doing other stuff that, on the whole, is good for the community.

Cascadia Citizen, you seem to have much more experience with the police than I do. As a best guesstimate, what percentage of the police do you think have unresolved control issues and/or get off on beating on others? I would say that the number is probably around 10%

yeah 2 13.Apr.2003 01:27


I think you got some issues, without some type of order where would you be. If something were to happen to you who would you call? Whos gonna help you when you need it. Cops are people they got issues too but you just can't say that and not expect people to try and flame you a bit for it. Its what we got in this reality. Come up with something better and put in use. Sheese you hate em when you dont want em around but when the poop hits the fan I bet you'll pray to see em.

I used to think the police were my friend 13.Apr.2003 04:24


Not anymore.

Everything changed on 9-11, haven't you heard?

Now it's us and them.

I wish it wasn't this way, but it wasn't my call.

Solzhenitsyn says:
When you are attacked by dogs, you don't call a wolf.

They came to my house and pointed pistols in my face for not reason.

Have they done that to you?

Something is very, very wrong in this country.

You need to wake up.

Beat Police vs Riot Police 13.Apr.2003 07:42

another cascadian citizen

What's going on in Baghdad right now reminds us there is a value in having some sort of ability to respond to crime. Policing should mean protecting citizens from one another. Emergency services (fire, accident response, medical) are not "policing" in that sense although police are often involved.

The other use of policing (and what's been going on too much lately) is the governmental use of police to control and repress citizens from political action. Police are used in the US and other fascist countries to generate a climate of paranoia, a fear of expressing opinion, and to violenty break up growing popular movements that can threaten the status quo. Those forms of political policing violate the principles of democracy, and are rightly condemned. Police who participate in repression of political activity are enemies of the people and deserve to be treated as such.

As Cascadia comes into being, it will require some form of security for its people. Whether we want to call those services police doesn't really matter. But hopefully the new system will not organize police to dominate and repress people the way the current regime has done.

Better screening of security service members is necessary. CC above points out rightly that too many people who join the police are racist, bigoted in other ways, sadistic or just plain stupid. Those pigs also deserve what they get.

These pigs deserve what they get? 13.Apr.2003 08:30

Jake the Snake

Funny how the only people who have real issues with the police are those who cojole, taunt, harass and break laws.
But when one such as myself does the same to you, the vast majority of you react like pigs yourself.
I've had you "peaceful people" threaten to break my legs, cut off my penis, invite me into a small room to be surrounded by your ilk, called every name in the book and some that aren't.
Notice any similarities here?

Cascadia?....sure..as long as they surround it by water and blow up the bridges...

You Wish 13.Apr.2003 10:52


"I've had you 'peaceful people' threaten to break my legs, cut off my penis, invite me into a small room to be surrounded by your ilk, called every name in the book and some that aren't."

Somebody is indulging in lurid sexual fantasies again.

Bad Behavior 13.Apr.2003 10:59


Trouser Snake: You say you experienced bad behaviour after cojoling, taunting, harassing, and breaking laws? Hmmm.

get real 13.Apr.2003 15:02


Jake, real violence does not occur on the internet. Whatever threats made toward you here are not real. It is not the same as the real threat the a police club, or police pepper spray makes toward law abiding citizens, as well as the few who break the law at anti-war protests. It is not the same as real physical rough treatment and beatings that peaceful people have suffered at the hands of a few bad cops.

People here don't say nice things to you because you show up with bigotry, taunts and derision.


I hope that didn't hurt too much.