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A Portlander With A Report From DC: 25,000 Take To The Streets!!

Despite what the corporate news media would have us believe, opposition to the "liberation" of Iraq, the death march of U.S. imperialism, and the diabolical administration behind it all is still very much alive, kicking, (and being kicked) here in the belly of the beast!!! 25,000 turn out to say "NO!"
Despite what the corporate news media would have us believe, opposition to the "liberation" of Iraq, the death march of U.S. imperialism, and the diabolical administration behind it all is still very much alive, kicking, (and being kicked) here in the belly of the beast!!! With the news media attempting to spin the situation in Iraq as a resounding victory and an effective "liberation" of the Iraqi people, today's march may have been the most critical yet in regards to the momentum of the opposition movement. A poor showing or lukewarm event may well have dealt a blow to morale, but thanks to a peaceful but defiant crowd of over 20,000 and the valiant efforts of organizers, today's march has once again put things into high gear. The event was planned to address the latest round of IMF/World Trade meetings in DC this weekend, as well as show support for the Latin American Solidarity Conference taking place here as well. A number of feeder marches organized by such groups as DAWN (DC Anti-War Network), Veterans Against the War, and an unpermitted anti-capitalist segment joined with the largest group of demonstrators around noon. Altogether, this "National March to Stop the War on Iraq" was ogranized rather brilliantly by International ANSWER (www.internationalanswer.org)

The crowd heard from a number of ethnically and spiritually diverse speakers, all of whom were extremely eloquent and displayed comprehensive knowledge of just how deep the current administration is in its own shit. Touched on by many of the speakers was yesterday's news that a $7 billion dollar Iraq "rebuilding" contract had been awarded to Halliburton, the company that Vice President Dick Cheney served as CEO to from 1995 to 2000. Cheney continues to make $1 million per year in deffered compensation from Halliburton. For more on this story, check out:


The day was not without its share of violence however. Police brutally assaulted several groups of protesters on a number of different occasions as the group moved through the streets of DC. The show of police force was unbelievably disproportionate to the size and temperment of the crowd. Battalions of 25-50 officers on horses, bikes, motorcycles or foot stood at nearly every intersection on the route. Mototcycled officers insisted on speeding aggressively up both sides of the march for it's entirely, clearly using the noise and power of the bikes to intimidate peaceful marchers on countless occasions. Marchers were instructed to stay on the sidewalks one minute, then ordered into the strees the next. The tension resulted in several instances of violence on the part of police, numerous injuries to citizens, and a few arrests. Check out DC IMC for full reports and more photos. The DC IMC is phenomenal! They have own well-equipped space for the weekend, are in touch with the latest via call-in, and best of all: They have taken me in and are putting me up for the night! (Thanks you guys...)

That's the news from DC.
See you back in Portland soon, everybody....
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We have a winner, folks. 13.Apr.2003 15:35


We have a winner in Bush's war in Iraq+. The envelope please. Wow, $10 billion goes to the Zionist crusader state for economic hardships created by the 3 week war their guys in Washington are pushing. Congradulations to the murderous, thieving Zionist crusaders.
now the loosers. Iraq tops the list, hands down. Or hands up, if you are paying attention. The next on the list is the USA. Actually many segments of the USA, excluding Emporor Bush, Halliburton, Carlyl Group, etc.
As the reservist's families have been going practicaly without paying jobs for months, Zionists get a fat check from the reservist's taxes for the economic hardships created by the 3 week war. And many other cuts of benafits for service men and vetrans are also taking place as Zionists get billions.
But when Sillicon Valley was laying off thousands, Bush sent multi- billion $ contracts to companies in the Zionist crusader state. So why should America's servicemen and women expect any better treatment. That is equal protection under the law. Everyone gets screwed by the Zionists and thier bought and paid for Democraps and Republitrash.
But there is more. There always is. Bush will sacrific your job for special interest support of Zionists, as well as benefits for active service people and vetrans. But according to undersecratary of state John R. Bolton, Bush plans to sacrice the soldiers and marines very lives for the Zionist obbsesions over Palestine. My comments are in the ( ). Bolton said, "We are hopeful that a number of regimes (does that include governments?) will draw the appropriate lesson from Iraq (surrender or die, like Attila, Ghengis, etc. said, is what the neocons said in their "Happy Easter you Muslim fucks" cards airdropped to the scedualed victims of Bush's war)that the persuit of weapons of mass destruction ( or vacant alligations of WMD forced into the psyci of America's sheeple) is not in thier national interest ( the bombs, you mean the bombs, right)." He also said, "This is a wonderful (WONDERFUL?) opportunity for Syria to forswear the persuit of weapons of mass destruction and (AND) , as with other governments in the region, to see if there are not new possibilities in the middle east peace process." (Middle east appeasment process, clearly he is saying that if they join Egypt and jordan in appeasing the the Zionist's crimes in Palestine, then America's polititians will pay them the Zionist's tribute with American's taxes. If they do not bow down to the demon Jehovah, then what? If wmd will get them bombed, "AND" makes it pretty clear that these religious fanatics in Washington will also send our nations troops into harms way to force Zionism on the Syrians too. Zionists win again??? Americans could loose more of our bravest for the Zionist's war of conquest in Palestine. Jehovah wasn't good enough for Jesus, and he isn't good enough for me. God sent Jesus so man might know God, while they already knew the false god Jehovah who told Jews to kill thier neighbor's for land. Tell a lie long enough and Zionists will beleive that because the hebrews murdered the caananites for the land 3000 years ago, that Zionists have a "right" (as they claim) to sacrifice their own kids for the opportunity to kill Palestinians for the land today, and for the last 60 years. Zionism is the Zionist's collective effort to destroy Palestine. Palestine + Zionists = Israel. Do the math yourself. Zionists do not want peace. Zionists want palestine. That is why they have been killing the locals for 60 years. people do not invade thier neighbor's land and expect eace. If you and your friends and relatives were to do to Costa Rica ( and it doesn't matter that there are other Spanish speeking lands for your victims to move to and become the lowest level of society) what the Zionists do to palestine, would you expect peace, or would you expect to bury your children? And then to use your dead children, which you got killed over your war of conquest, as public relations tools as you blame the victims of your aggresions.

Out of hiding 13.Apr.2003 18:30


Ah, the Jew haters have decided to surface again. Where have you all been hiding? Jeff Rense's bunker? Hey, is that his real hair? That's gotta be a wig.

Too small, toss em back, I says. 13.Apr.2003 20:38


Some Sumarian lord promisses Abram the land of the Caananites like Longshanks promissing his minions land in Scottland. Abram chose not to sacrific his son for the oportunity to kill the caananites for the land, and his lord back home 700 miles to the east, changed his name to Abraham, to fit in with the locals, and is remembered today because he wasn't going to risk his kids life in conquest that would stain his hands with the blood of inocents. Luke warm Judeo-christians are always pushing the blood of innocents (inocence) as a good thing that brings redemption. Thats not what jesus says. But that is off subject. Moses turned the promisse into a cult of murder and theft that still has followers today. Wow, walk around with a boner for your neighbor's land for thousands of years would turn anyone psychopathic. But my Jewish friends and kin have no right to force we to finance the destruction of Palestine, no matter how happy they are at the prospect. Hey, see that? Thats my neighbor's house. Guess what? I'm not going to give you a gun to kill him and steal the house, just because you want it. That would make me a total scumbag, TOO! And you get upset when I call you on that horse shit. If you wash your own shorts, you might never see a skidmark. If you wash someone else's short, you are going to see them ALL! So don't just hand me your dirty laundrey and then have the nerve to act suprized when I complain about ALL THAT SHIT!!!!! You know. All that Palestinian blood on my hands. When it is nazi gold in Switzerland, Zionists stand in line to proclaim, " No one can be alowed to profit from murder." BUT, since the hebrews murdered the Caananites Amorites, Parezites, etc, 3000 years ago, Zionists claim it is cool to kill Palestinians for the land today. Kiss my ass! You ecpect me to buy that crap. And when I complain about the shit in your shorts, that I am just expect to wash with a smile on my face, you call me anti-anything. I hate alright. I hate being used by people. I hate being slandered when I reject the god who claims that murder and theft are just peachy keen. neeto, cool, rippin, da bomb, what ever, but only if you're of a particular camp. But with America being "one nation, under God" in the pleadge, I will continue to be surrounded by crusader heads saying if I don't support their choice of false god's promisses to thier false god's chosen murderous thieves, that I don't support America too. Brainwashed kids make for good cannon fodder for the special interest voters. Be proud that you wipe your ass with the bill of rights, no one else is proud of you. freedom of religion should include the right not to participate in any crusades by financing the destruction of Palestine, or any other peoples. This creates the hatred directed at America. For a whole year (my whole life, actually) befor 911, every time one of the Zionist crusaders gunned down one of the locals, Democraps and republitrash used American taxes to reload the gun. And Bush says it is because we are rich and democratic. And in the 20 years before 911, 780 Americans died to terrorist attacks because we are rich and free, and not because we give arms to the murderous thieving Zionist crusaders. Right, I'm sure you know people just lineing up to buy that horse manure. Stop getting us killed for special interests. I don't care if you beleive in Jehovah, I just don't want him to have dominion over me. I am a Christian.

PS, thanks for being so nebulous. I don't really expect you to do more than attack the messanger. Stay void of information, stay still of any imput. Just keep saying that Zionists have right to murder and steal. They have done pretty good so far with that one.