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Peaceful Protest :Trumped-Up Charges, Arrests

A peaceful feeder march ending on the plaza was marred by arrests of two flag burners. The protesters were exercising their freedom of expression, burning the flag in denouncement of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. Police swooped in, stomped on the flames, and arrested the protesters on trumped-up charges of Reckless Burning and Disorderly Conduct.
Peaceful Protest :Trumped-Up Charges, Arrests
Peaceful Protest :Trumped-Up Charges, Arrests
Other protesters, acting in solidarity with the arrestees, followed the arresting officers onto Main Street shouting, "This is what democracy looks like!" and "Police State!" as the flag burners were hauled into squad cars.

Many of those remaining were shaken and angered by the unreasonable arrest. A group of protesters continued the action, placing simulated tombstones of Iraqi civilians, flower petals and a sign bearing the Howard Zinn quote, "THERE IS NO FLAG LARGE ENOUGH TO COVER THE SHAME OF KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE" onto the ashes of the burned flag.

Later, APD officer Bon Stewart began dismantling the makeshift memorial. A few women asked him what he was doing and stated that they wished to keep the tombstone signs. Stewart stated that he needed to photograph evidence and shoved one of the women as she stooped to pick up her sign.

Peace activist Paul Copeland stated that the Ashland police made a serious misstep and that "This is an excellent opportunity for public education."

And two of our teachers are in jail!

Jail Support Update
12.04.2003 19:45
saturday 6:00 pm

The two individuals arrested in Ashland are being detained in Jackson County jail. Charged with Disorderly Conduct and Reckless Burning, they are being held on $7000 bail.

An arraignment is scheduled for Monday, April 14 at 1:30 pm at the Justice Building on the corner of 8th and Oakdale in Medford.

'John Doe' is refusing to to give his name, and is being denied access to a phone call. Both inmates are being denied access to vegetarian food. The guards have separated them into different cells.

Call the Jackson County jail at 541-776-7208 to request that these simple requests are met.

Let the system know that people on the outside care about people on the inside.

homepage: homepage: http://www.rogueimc.org

phone numbers 12.Apr.2003 21:13

emma v.

The number given is to dispatch,

The Jail: 541-774-6851

Ashland police: 541-488-2211

Reckless Burning?? 12.Apr.2003 21:33


Reckless Burning?? Now there's an esoteric charge. In Jackson County too. Who'd have thought they cared?

resized pic for feature 12.Apr.2003 22:24


resized pic for feature
resized pic for feature

Yes 12.Apr.2003 22:52


It doesn't get any better than that! Leftists getting cuffed and stuffed! Drove my big ole SUV down there today to shout at you protesters but there were so few, I decided to cut ya some slack. Glad to know the Portland Police kept the streets clean.

zap 13.Apr.2003 16:50


Except in was in Ashland, dumbass. Way to go.

No food for them.... 13.Apr.2003 17:04


Just called Ashland jail, was told "They will have a medical evaluation in the morning" when I asked about vegetarian meals. Sooo...it follows that if my religion prohibits eating meat (think Hinduism), then screw you, you'll just have to wait, you don't get a special diet.

The spokeswoman also stated that until "John Doe" identified himself, he would not be allowed to make calls. Period.

We need to be SWAMPING that switchboard with calls, folks.