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Dead or alive

next target for distraction
Dead or alive
Dead or alive
Five iraqi cities were under fire with tumorigenic DU-artillery shells consisting of chemically toxic nuclear garbage. Half-life over 4 Billion years. Responsible for cancer, birth deformities, leukemia, lingering illness and death. The Iraq sink into chaos and the trigger-happy panic shooter have only one plan. Ex General Jay Garner whose company is producing the controls for guided missiles which have civilians torn to shreds supremely accurate.

The USA and UK have contaminated this nation chemical and radio-active for the second time. They have thus created endless pain.

This is an long time mass extermination!
They have deployed clusterbombs as mass extermination and search frantically for weapons of mass destruction to legitimatize themselves. And in the meantime they present us the next target for distraction: Syria

What wretched creatures.

Bush and Blair are the real crimes of this century.

homepage: homepage: http://www.strike-free.net

Please! 12.Apr.2003 16:12


Please ... let it be true!!

Every nation 12.Apr.2003 17:18


DU is U238, the same U238 found in deposits all over the world. Since it is 1.7 times heaver than lead, almost every country in the world uses DU rounds in anti-tank warfare.

Since U238 is a natural alpha emitter and can indeed cause problems when inhaled or ingested.

Lead is also a poison, so is rocket fuel used on SCUDS (unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH)), tabun (GA) and sarin (GB), VX, and GF...all manufactured, stored or used by Iraq.

Saddam and the thugs that ran his people into the ground could also be considered toxic to humans.

Your argument is stupid and infantile in nature. You are so blinded by a passion for continuing inhuman suffering of the Iraqi peoples that you fail to see a big picture or even a glimpse of a positive future.

Fore example: DU, as an alpha emitter, can be found and handled correctly so surface level contaminates can be contained. That is unless Saddam, his henchmen and fools like you intercede.

Believe it or not people besides you peaceniks know how to handle problems like this. Perhaps you should try solving the problems instead of simply ranting about them.

Get smart, get involved and get out of the street...pansy!

DU238... 12.Apr.2003 20:57


Actually DU is not found "all over the world." Only countries that use Uranium and process it have it and only countries that buy weapons from the US can have it. It is the waste after Uranium is processed.

And they don't know how to handle it. All the people involved on the clean-up of DU in Kuwait are dead. All Americans from the US military. They died trying to clean that shit up.

Why don't you breath some DU and see what it's like?

DU for morons 12.Apr.2003 22:21


"Five iraqi cities were under fire with tumorigenic DU-artillery shells consisting of chemically toxic nuclear garbage. Responsible for cancer, birth deformities, leukemia, lingering illness and death. Responsible for cancer, birth deformities, leukemia, lingering illness and death."

1. DU is not used in Artillery Shells, DU is used in Anti-Armor Direct-Fire Tank Munitions.

2. Shooting DU at a target like a building or soft skinned vehicle is a waste of a good round. You fire HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) at things like that. Shooting DU at a soft target results in a small hole that doesn't disable/destroy the target, or destroy whatever is inside the building unless it is hit directly. HEAT is an actual explosive shell that kills whatever is inside of the building.

3. I have handled more than 2000 DU rounds, I am still alive. I don't have cancer, lukemia or any other ailments like those described. I have 3 healthy children.

4. DU doesn't kill people after it stops moving... well, maybe if you ground it up and sprinkled it on your food for a few weeks...

peace the idiot boy 12.Apr.2003 22:39


Peace the Idiot boy, read the following:

Uranium-238 becomes DU, which is 0.7 times as radioactive as natural uranium. Since DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, there is very little decay of those DU materials

U238 and U235 are found throughout the world. In particular, pure U238 (U235 removed) is not as active as regular U238 (.7% of natural uranium contains U235).

By the way, if you have radon gas seeping up thru your basement, there was U238 under there somewhere. It is all over the place but concentrated in only a few dozen areas on Earth.

Several countries besides the US produce and sell DU weapons including your beloved former USSR, China and France.

Not ALL of the people who handled DU are dead.

You've been reading bogus info peace the Idiot boy. Go back to school.

hey backside 13.Apr.2003 00:39


All I'm gonna say is don't f**k with science nerds. We'll get you every time, you dumb SOB

I was right! 13.Apr.2003 16:41


"don't f**k with science nerds. We'll get you every time"

I knew it! Is that what all this juvenile nonsense is really about?

Jesus. Get a life.