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9.11 investigation

speech b4 the A12 Portland rally

This hopefully encouraging rant will be delivered in about an hour,
to the 3:30 rally at Waterfront Park today.
Brief speech to April 12th, 2003 rally at Waterfront Park, Portland, Oregon

Does anyone remember the "Education President?" Who the hell was the Education President? I think the last President to add any significant funding to national education was Richard Nixon. But no, it was supposed to be George Walker Bush Junior, who did not become the President-he became the Resident.

It would be great to have an Education President, don't you think? We could educate everyone about the genocide that formed this country's policies since Colombus first chopped off an Indian's nose and arm for not finding enough gold. We could educate everyone that the first tier of wealth in this country was built on the dying backs of the African people.

But the Education Resident stole the election by deleting 9,000 overwhelmingly Democratic votes from the voter registration lists-a racist and treasonous act for which he should face trial. That's your education: your vote no longer counts. Remember that, there'll be a test in November! There, now you're educated!

The Education Resident stole the election and proceeded to shift billions of dollars in tax funds back to the very, very rich. As if they were not rich enough! As if private jets and an army of servants and a 96-foot yacht with a helipad were not enough! As if hundreds of billions of corporate tax dollars-probably more-were not already shipped off to banks in Bermuda and Aruba to evade taxes, as if the super-rich didn't already use their media buying power to drown out their adversaries in every election from dogcatcher to the Oval Office!

The Education Resident stole the election, gave away the treasury to the super-rich, and then took off for parts unknown as the hijacked airliners flew towards their targets. Does anyone remember the golf pro whose Lear Jet strayed from its flight plan in 1999? It turned out that everyone on board was dead and the jet was on autopilot, but the important fact is that the jet was immediately intercepted by the Air Force, which scrambled interceptors within 15 minutes of going off course- a very effective standard procedure since the days of the Strategic Air Command.

But on September 11th, 2001, the Air Force somehow couldn't scramble jets until an HOUR and fifteen minutes-well after the first jet had struck a building! Call that a whoopsie? Was it a whoopsie that Russia, Germany, the Phillipines, and several other countries had warned of an airliner attack, that the NRO office was conducting an airliner attack drill the same day, that the Pentagon had conducted an airliner attack drill months earlier?

So the Education Resident, who hasn't done a damn thing for school around here or anywhere else, stole the election, paid off the super-rich with the funds we all needed for human needs and human rights, fiddled with a storybook in a classroom while New York burned, while our mighty interceptor jets sat on the ground. Then he disappeared like a cockroach when the light switch goes on.

What was his immediate solution? He jumped up and down and had a fit until Congress passed the fascist Patriot Act without even reading it.

What's fascist about the Patriot Act? Oh, a few piddly things, like destroying the Constitution and instituting an unaccountable police state, nothing big.
Meanwhile letters filled with anthrax appeared, conveniently, in the offices of press critical of the Resident and in Democrat Tom Daschle's office, and the investigation conveniently stalled when it turned out the anthrax had to have come from our own stocks.

We have to remember.

We have to remember that the Education Resident, after all these depredations, got on the horn and demanded that Americans start a war against Afghanistan, a war that is still in progress, a war that has devastated social conditions and kept the rapists in power, a war that is now a war of occupation, even though there was not one Afghani on the doomed aircraft of 9-11, even though the attack did nothing to make us safer against enraged Arab nationalists, and in fact made everything much, much worse.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting an education out of all this. I'm educated to the fact that the corporate elite warmongers have taken over this country.

Now let's get back to the Education Resident, who stole the election, fed the rich, set up 9-11, attacked the wrong country, left the U.S. military's anthrax killers unfound and even unfired....it seems the least they could do is fire the bastards....it just wasn't enough.

Killing thousands of people in Afghanistan wasn't enough pointless, bloody, mis-aimed revenge.
No-the Screw Education Resident, who stole the election, sold us out to the rich, set up a handy Reichstag-like provocation with 9-11, got in bed with the anthrax killers, burned the Bill of Rights, and attacked an innocent country-he wasn't satisfied. He needed more blood-- or was it oil, since the oil reserves near Afghanistan weren't enough to satisfy the oil-pipeline contractors. Heck, UNOCAL might miss out on a few billion dollars.

So he got on the TV again with that ridiculous movie cowboy act, drawling like he'd grown up on a farm in Hereford, and read the teleprompter. And the teleprompter said the words "attack" and "Iraq" and "9-11" and "terror" together, over and over, until all the people who don't have the time to take notes got the message, and loyally believed it-that somehow Iraq had something to do with 9-11. Had to be true. Heard it on TV.

So now we've pissed off the entire UN, including our former military partners in NATO, by lying like a rug about ....get ready for the buzz-phrase.;..Saddam's Weapons Of Mass Destruction. I'll call it SWOMD for short. SWOMD was gonna get in the hands of terrible terrifying terrestrial terrorists! Secretary of State Colin "My Lai" Powell showed a map of Iraq's terrible terrifying terrorist hidden SWOMD on TV! SWOMD was gonna go nuclear because Saddam had bought tons of uranium from Niger-well, that was exposed as a lie, but never mind-- SWOMD meant every US soldier had to wear plastic overalls in a desert! SWOMD was gonna get your mother! Somebody left a paint can with a wire on it at 11th and SE Division and a four-block area had to be blocked off to check for...Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction! Look out! We're gonna get SWOMD!

Well, there ain't no such thing in Iraq. Now we know, since we have occupied the country, and found out that all the Weapons of Mass Destruction were pesticides or oil cans or absolutely nothing. This unelected government has killed so many citizens if Iraq that in places their bodies were stacked like cordwood-does that remind you of anything? We have more than 300 troops dead, many times that many wounded and mangled, and many, many more will die fro inhaling depleted uranium, just as the Iraqis have, and their children will be born dead or with horrible defects. Will we put up a mourning memorial wall for our dead? And who will mourn the innocent victims of this war, the citizens who died at the hands of cluster bombs and tank shells fired in residential buildings?

The entire country of Iraq is a chaotic scene of looting and revenge killing. And the Resident misled a minority of the US public into supporting the war, entirely on the basis of these lies. Weapons of Mass Destruction? A lie. Saddam hooked up with Osama? A lie. A war of liberation? A lie.

The first thing our generals did was to send the troops to occupy the oil wells in Iraq. Now they're all under US control, and Bermuda-Tax-dodging Halliburton gets to taste profits right away. That's OK, though, you know why? We're going to give it all right back to the Iraqi people. Does anyone believe that?

But you know what? We delayed that accursed war. WE damned near stopped it. At one point 11.5 million people across the Earth demonstrated against the war on Iraq-actually, against the premeditated murder of Iraq. And it delayed the slaughter, it forced Bush to humiliate himself
the UN-the very same UN which so recently was suddenly sympathetic to the US, poor us, suffering a massive terror attack on 9-11, the same UN which accepted billions in direct bribes to go along with the first US Gulf War, this UN said, basically, "You're lying to us, we have caught you out on it twice, and we won't go along with your war. Boycotts of American products are popping up around the globe, and sisters and brothers, we are going to feel the pain, we are going to lose jobs and wealth and infrastructure, because people are determined and organized to stop our government at any cost. And we should join them, impeach the Resident, and take our country back, because we are the world's other superpower! Look out, there's a threatened outbreak of democracy!

If we're going to defeat the veil of monopoly media manipulation, we have to exercise our memories, and the memories of those close to us who are sucked in by the whole imperial war mind vacuum. The mind vacuum is seductive. It says, "you may be nothing now, but if you fly a flag, you're on the team of people who have great power." A lot of guys would like great power. So would some women. Gunning down the traffic in front of you? Don't tell me you haven't thought of that. The war mind vacuum says you can be a part of that spiritual power, the power to destroy a life, thousands of lives, to remove an incarnation from this world and leave nothing but an empty sack. Big power. A big difference from your real life in which you must obey the dictates and the whims of your boss, your real life in which your objects of desire elude you with grace and aplomb. Just let me into your brain, says the vacuum. You won't feel a thing. Ssssssssuckkk!!

We have a powerful enemy in the corporate media.
Rupert Murdoch, for example, just added 12 million viewers to his monopoly media empire by buying SkyTV. This pushes us a lot further down the road to absolute Murdoch supremacy, but you know-I don't think it matters. We're already subjected, on the corporate media that owns 99% of our news sources and entertainment sources, to the most egregious brainwashing, to corporate product releases presented untouched as hard news, to direct quotes and fawning emulations of every statement from the Executive Branch, no matter how ridiculous or unsupported; so we can stop waiting for the Media Monopoly. With five or six corporations, all of them controlled by the most clueless greedy elitists this planet has to offer, the Media Monopoly is here.

And the Media Monopoly says Support Our Troops. Do I need to translate that phrase? Support Our Troops, in the context of this secret police state, means Shut The Hell Up. When someone tells me to support our troops, I tell them to support human rights. I support the human rights of our troops: the right to bug out of the country that we turned into a radioactive hell, before lungs full of uranium or hot lead puts an end to their short brainwashed lives. That's supporting our troops. I don't see the Bush regime offering a new GI Bill, but it seems to me with that DU floating around in the Iraqi air, it ought to offer that and free double lung transplants, as well.

But somehow we're beating the power of monopoly corporate fascist media. I don't know how we did it-maybe the determined combination of activists, people who speak one-on-one with their neighbors, friends, and workmates, peaceful protesters, noisy civil disobedience, posters, graffiti on the bathroom wall, papers like the Alliance and Oregon Peace Worker, organizations like Portland Peace Works and Code Pink and all the others, community radio that won't sell out-maybe it's a combination of all those things. We nearly did the unthinkable-we nearly stopped the slaughter in Iraq.

Now we have to keep moving at the same rate of acceleration, speaking, organizing, broadcasting, pamphletting, because we're already a force that cannot be ignored, and in a few months or years we're going to be a force that can no longer be stopped! We have work to do, because as the thermohaline circulation in the oceans, which keeps the world's temperatures and storms moderate, is failing due to human-induced global warming. What's more, the Resident and his buddies Perle, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Ashcroft, and Rumsfeld, want to take over Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Cuba, and goddess knows where else! So let's keep on doing what we're doing, because the writing is on the wall, and it doesn't say "business as usual!" It says THE PEOPLE UNITED CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED!

Theresa Mitchell
Theresa, you rock 12.Apr.2003 22:53

rosie bintender

Theresa, your speech was the highlight of my day. Ppl kept asking me, "Who is that?" and I kept telling them to tune in to PressWatch, Thursday mornings on KBOO. A passion for justice coupled with a sense of humor such as yours is a powerful weapon. Thank you!