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peaceful sit-in and vigil at Vietnam Memorial

Peaceful sit-in and vigil happening at the Vietnam Memorial in the Hoyt Aboredum near the Zoo.
I'm asking anyone who has the time to join me at the Vietnam Memorial at 6PM this Sunday (April 13th). My purpose for doing this is to commemorate the people who died in the Vietnam War, the families of those people, the Iraqi people who died at the hands of the US military, and the soldiers who have died in US aggression across the globe.

I plan to bring a sign stating why I'm there. I would love to see many more people there to 1) join in my cause and 2) make it less likely that police will pepper spray me and cart me away in their wagon.

Bring something to sit on so your but won't get wet and be prepared for weather. The park closes at 9PM, but I'm thinking that we could all start leaving around 8:30, just to make sure we're all out of there before closing.

another evening? 12.Apr.2003 22:41


Hey AK, I would like to join you for that vigil but cannot do it tomorrow night. Any chance you'd head out another night? Please post here if so.

April 20 12.Apr.2003 22:54


hey sf,

maybe you could join us on April 20, 2 pm. Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship is hosting a meditation walk. simple, reflective.

thanks 12.Apr.2003 22:57


Enji, thank you for that invitation. I am actually drawn to AK's idea of a vigil at the Vietnam memorial because of my own experiences with Vietnam vets. I also appreciate the vigil you suggested.

weekly event possibly 13.Apr.2003 01:16


If there's enough turnout this Sunday, I'm inclined to make it a weekly event. Stay tuned...