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please join the rally today

saturday, apr 12
3:30 pm - march
5:00 pm - rally
waterfront park
I just want to make a final plea to everyone to come to the march and rally today. I spoke to a woman yesterday who had mixed feelings about coming to the rallies now (because she doesn't want the US to pull out now with unfinished cleanup).

I think it's really important to stay vocal. We all have a lot of concerns about the war, the aftermath, future issues, foreign policy, government spending, etc. Let's keep the momentum! We have to continue to raise our voices about these issues at every chance we get.

Let's keep evolving these rallies and marches and use them as our megaphone.

Tens of thousands of people are still marching around the globe. We have to join them.
I have mixed feelings, too 12.Apr.2003 11:55


The thoughts you mentioned are shared by many right now. Many of the anti-war crowd want to be constructive in their criticism, so if they think that pulling out at this stage would not be constructive, they don't want to demand it through a rally. Also, marching because others are elsewhere is not a very good reason.

However, many of us anti-war people are still mad about this war, about Bush's "creativity" to "justify" it, about the current goings-on to steal control of the oil (as we knew would happen all along), about the media bias and lack of coverage of the devastation and death we've caused, about the use of war in general as a solution (even before other avenues have been fully explored), about the celebration and flag-waving suggesting that all is well, and about the equating of patriotism and war and rampant consumerism and religion. I'll give this rally a chance at representing those things I'm upset about, rather than just a blind "get out now" message, which could be construed to mean ignoring the mess that's already been made.

Heh Heh... 12.Apr.2003 11:55

Trilox Woodsman

"I spoke to a woman yesterday who had mixed feelings about coming to the rallies now (because she doesn't want the US to pull out now with unfinished cleanup)."

As if somehow her mere existence at a peace rally in this little podunk town would have a profound effect on anything...

Donald Rumsfeld: Hello? Yeah this is Rumsfeld. Some cheesy winged wymon out in Portland decided to keep protesting so go ahead and pull all forces out.

General Franks: Yes sir! That sounds drastic, pulling all forces out immediately sir!

Don't buy the propaganda 12.Apr.2003 12:23


Duh!!! Please don't believe the bullshit lies about this war being over - come on!!! Just because the Marines staged the downing of Saddam's statue doesn't mean the US military has stopped murdering people, doesn't mean that Iraqis have stopped trying to defend themselves against this horrific invasion. Puleeze.

may help 12.Apr.2003 12:30

just me

Considering that we have just been destroying a country for a few weeks, I don't think pulling out completely would be the best thing right now (we've already done so much damage, the important thing to come is rebuilding).

Good reasons to go to the rally would be to bring pictures of those injured or killed and messages about how sad we are at the horror these people have lived in, and the bleak future they have if we don't help out (and we need to spend much more than in Afghanistan if we intend to actually give these people any sort of normal life back). The protest should help people who only watch mainstream media understand how bad things are in Iraq, and how war is not a game. We should mourn the death of both Iraqi's (civilians and soldiers - even their soldiers have families) and Americans (unfortunately, Americans seem only to care about how many "Americans" have died).

The other thing to do is say that we want the rest of the world to be helping to rebuild Iraq and give Iraq humanitarian aid, but it should be the U.S., and not the U.N or others, that has to pay the most of the bill. Bush should have to proove that he wasn't in it for the oil money, and is willing to sacrifice more than he will make. Of course even that shouldn't bother him; the American people will have to carry the burden of paying for helping Iraq, and so American oil companies will make more from the oil than they ever paid in taxes.

Important? Now More than Ever! 12.Apr.2003 12:40

Bill Dodds billdodds@hotmail.com

500,000 people in Madrid Spain!
also 50,000 in Barcilona!
To name a couple of spots on the map. And Spain is part of the coalition of the willing? Yea! Right!
All over the world Millions Upon Millions, protest the US's dream of world domination.

The whole world is against this war of colonial/expantion, and the rich elite dream world domination!
How fucking much is enough?
We must continue to stand up for freedom and autonomy throughout the world, even though we don't really have true freedom in our own land.
And even if people of other lands think different than we do!
Sadam is a Bastard and I'll be glad to see him fry.

But that's not what this is about.
Those that believe that it is, are the simple/perverse minded cottled rich and their wanna-bee's.

We must express to the whole world that we are with them, With the people!
We must stand up against the tirantical Bush junta, and their doopes and their lackies and their brown shirts.

Freedom isn't free!
It's paid for with blood sweat and tears!
Freedom is the prize of those brave soles who suffer the effort, the pain, and yes the inconvienance of claiming it!

What are they going to put on your obituary?
He/She setteled for the Status Quo, for the carnaval that our capitolists slave camp is makeing of the world?

Or will it read like Socrotise's ephitat?

Will you be remembered as one who stood for principal, one who believed in Ideals.

Are you one who thinks that it's all the "things" that are what makes you content? If so, then M&F is having a great sale.

If not, I'll see you at the march today!

Peace! Freedom! Autonomy! NOW! Brothers & Sisters.
Enlist! It's an all volinteer army.
Your country needs you to take it back from the bastards who stole it!
We The People! Strongest words I know!
Just Do It!
Bill Dodds

mixed feelings 13.Apr.2003 21:04


The lesson we all need to learn from the Iraq experience is that by the time the gov't has picked a target and is already beginning a propaganda campaign to justify future action, it's effectively too late for marches, etc. to have much effect. If we stop protesting as soon as each individual conflict is over and don't start organizing until the next one is starting, we allow the opposition (roughly defined here as the parties who seek to further a militarist/imperialist political agenda) to retain the initiative. If we want to prevent an attack on Syria, the time to make that case is NOW, not after the mass media are saturated with condemnations of the imminent horrible threat to civilization posed by Bashar Al-Assad. Our case remains the same (OK, it's not a democracy, but does that make an expensive, destructive invasion a good idea?) so we should be making it while we can still determine the terms of debate (the neocons actually accomplished a somewhat impressive bait-and-switch by hyping the WMD issue into the center of the discussion then suddenly pulling 'liberation' out of their asses right before the invasion) rather than being forced into a reactionary corner.

I agree that immediate withdrawal from Iraq is not the best idea, but the public won't perceive your absence from protests as anything but passivity and surrender, which retroactively legitimizes American actions in Iraq and thereby legitimizes similar actions in the future. The political faction that Bush represents has a long-term plan (New American Century and whatnot) in which their most recent actions are one of many stages. As it is, the semi-cohesive amalgam of opposition we might most efficiently call the Peace Movement has confined its actions to isolated reactions against each individual stage of the plan rather than presenting a long-term analysis of this agenda and its consequences. The reason the preponderance of apathetic Americans is aquiescing to Bush's plans is that the Peace Movement has chosen to be a series of isolated, sporadic protests rather than a coherent, sustained presentation of an alternative to the policies of those currently in control of gov't institutions. Centralized media control, etc. are obstacles that can be overcome if take the initiative rather than power down to wait around for the next crisis.

my $00.02