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Chalabi's goons present to topple Saddam statue for press

Who died and made Chalabi the new 'god' of Iraq, with the power to determine the future of both the Iraqi nation and the oil that they depend on for their future? Allow a free and truly democratic (internationally monitored) election take place in Iraq and let the Iraqis decide whether or not they want this Chalubi as the next dictator of Iraq and whether or not to keep their oil nationalized for 'the benefit of all the Iraqi people' or whether they want the profits pouring into the pockets of American oil robber barons.


The photomontage above originally appeared on the New York City Indymedia site. On the left the next Saddam Hussein, the probable American choice as the next dictator of Iraq, Chalabi is flown into Iraq, and behind him is one of his militia men. The photo on the left shows a scene from the famous 'toppling the statue of Saddam' event that took place, conveniently, right across the street from the hotel housing the international press. The same militia man appears as one of the characters in the drama, supposedly an 'average Iraqi' celebrating an event that has been compared to the toppling of the Berlin Wall. A wide angle shot of the scene shows that American tanks had sealed off the square, and at most about a hundred people were involved in the stunt, which seems to have been cooked up especially for the media. Follow the links to the story just below for links to more information about how both the British and the Americans armed Saddam Hussein with poisoned gas (the British tax payers coughed up 300 million to build a poison gas factory for Saddam). The Americans then blocked sanctions against the use of the poisoned gas by Saddam, back in the days when Saddam Hussein was a valued American client dictator. His position will now be taken by Chalabi, who has already generously agreed to hand over Iraq's nationalized oil fields to big oil from the United States. Just a question. Who died and made Chalabi the new 'god' of Iraq, with the power to determine the future of both the Iraqi nation and the oil that they depend on for their future? Let the Americans prove that their words are not just propaganda puked up for the gullible and those who simply have the wish to believe. Allow a free and truly democratic (internationally monitored) election take place in Iraq and let the Iraqis decide whether or not they want this Chalubi as the next dictator of Iraq. As well let the Iraqis decide whether or not to keep their oil nationalized for 'the benefit of all the Iraqi people' or whether they want the profits pouring into the pockets of American oil robber barons. The fact that 'Chalubi' has kindly offered all the oil to American big oil corporations doesn't even pass as good propaganda, since it is obvious he is Washington's stooge, and as I said, just who appointed him 'god' so that he can arbitrarily decide the future of the Iraqi nation? The whole farce just stinks to high heaven...


The wide angle view you didn't see on television...


We have the receipts...


Corporate interests in Iraq war

"Under George W. Bush, the United States is once more embarked on one of its periodic flirtations with imperialism, aimed in this instance not at territorial aggrandizement, but at political, cultural and commercial dominance ... It would provide a protective umbrella for the expansion of economic globalization, which is taken (both here and abroad) to be synonymous with Americanization, since a plurality of the world's multinational business corporations are based in the United States. It would spread "market democracy" - laissez-faire capitalism within an electoral framework of government - the only feasible and permissible form of democracy, according to its advocates. (Social democrats need not apply.) ... The public, for its part, has been invited to follow the flag to all corners of the earth, regardless of the cost, to make the world safe for freedom, democracy and (incidentally) the international corporate agenda. The very same multinationals that have exploited the American people for years (via free-trade agreements, tax loopholes, deregulation, and the like) now want those very same people to underwrite their exploitation of the developing world through the Bush doctrine."

In the past, the colonialist powers could always find colaborators in the nations they were conquering, and today is not different. As MSNBC reported the 'Iraqi exiles' are in favor of dismantling Iraq's nationalized oil industry and handing it over to the large multinationals. The Iraqi exiles also agreed that Iraq should be used as a tool by these oil interests to bust the power of OPEC, and no doubt force oil prices lower.

Big role urged for oil firms after war

LONDON, April 5 ? Iraqi exiles and senior U.S. officials agreed Saturday that international oil companies should take a leading post-war role in reviving Iraq's oil industry, delegates to a policy meeting said. THE TALKS, held under the auspices of the U.S. State Department, also resulted in a recommendation that Baghdad stay in OPEC, though without limits on production, Iraqi delegates said ... A statement afterward called for Iraqi oil and natural gas to be exploited for the benefit of the Iraqi people ... Some oil company executives had thought post-war nationalism would prevent early access to oilfields that, apart from those in Saudi Arabia and Mexico, are the only significant reserves not yet open to commercial capital ... Phillip Carroll, the former head of Shell in the United States, is said to be a candidate to oversee oil policy with Iraqi economist Muhammad-Ali Zainy in line to become his second in command.

While there is probably going to be another one of those rallies on the world's stock markets, it is important to understand that these rallies consist mostly of speculators trying to get the best of other speculators. Since the beginning of this year the stock markets have seen the lowest volumes they have ever seen, and many of the major brokerage houses have been reporting losses and/or laying off large number of staff since no one is really interested in buying stocks this year. The fact that the Bush administration actually gutted the regulatory power of the SEC might have something to do with this lack of confidence in the good behavior of major corporations, after disclosures of wide spread fraud over the last four or five years to disguise the slumping economy which had drained these corporations of their profits. Stocks are still trading much higher than the historic Price to earnings ratio, and therefore prices would have to fall a lot further to bring themselves in line with the true earnings level. The fact that they remain high in the midst of the slump combined with the extremely low volumes is evidence that most of what you see happening in that Stock market is just the activity of those day traders and speculators hoping to rip each other off and make a quick buck, and not something that is fundamentally meaningful or worth considering as some kind of 'sign' as to how the nations are faring. The fact that these day traders are piling into the market on one piece of news (only to jump ship on some other piece of news) is a bit of news that would only be of interest to day traders and speculators and those who are addicted to following their daily adventures on the stock markets of the world...

As for Iraq, I agree with Albert Einstein, and think that some sort of socialism is the wave of the future (As Einstein put it, 'Humanity will need a radically new way of thinking if we are to survive'). However, at the very least, the oil of Iraq should remain nationalized, and not plundered by American corporate interests (with those jubliant day traders eagerly scrambling for the crumbs that fall off the table).

Meanwhile this stock market surge, being driven by the speculators who remain in the market, continues despite continuing weakness in the economy, which included yet another 108,000 job losses in March, plus another half million who were removed from the official unemployment rate due to the fact that they had given up on looking for work. The Great Depression... George Bush versus Albert Einstein on economic policy...


Iraqi 'Liberation' (?) (Anti-Nazi posters created by the Resistance)

Anti Nazi posters created by the Resistance movement in world war 2 ...liberation propaganda was a staple of Nazi the powerful Nazi propaganda machine, for the simple reason that it was so powerful, as today's resistance movement is learning (how wonderful to be able to study history in real time, and not just in dusty old books!) ....


Nonsense... 12.Apr.2003 11:38

Trilox Woodsman

You can keep posting that as many times as you want but it still doesn't look like the same guy...

chalabi 12.Apr.2003 11:45


someone posted a bunch of links about chalabi
unfortunately the links make the story wider than the screen
you can 'copy and paste' the text to make the stories a little easier to read or you can adjust the size of the text in your browser (or choose save as text) just a few suggestions)

someone has been posting photos of what they call 'a huge crowd of 300' which 'proves beyond a shadow of a doubt Iraqi love for washington'

they then 'demand answers' for this 'irrefutable evidence'

in answer to the question above, your 'huge crowd of 300' which 'proved the love of the iraqi people for washington' doesn't prove much...and since you ask questions and want 'answers' perhaps you can explain how chalabis goons showed up for the event (they must have expected it to happen right) and you might also answer the question about the oil wells and the free elections...