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Reaction to New York Times article this morning:

Reaction to New York Times article this morning:


The article quotes Rumsfeld as saying:

"You cannot do everything instantaneously. It's untidy, And freedom's untidy. And free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things."

That is his response regarding American troops not preventing looting and pillaging? The US can spend at least 75 billion on this war, but cannot keep law and order. We can destroy civilization, but can't maintain civility?

And later in the article...

"The first thing you do is to try to end the war and to stop people from killing people, or stop people from blowing up trucks in people's faces and stop people from doing a whole series of things that are unhelpful."

Teach people not to kill by killing???

He then says:

"In every country, in my adult lifetime, that's had the wonderful opportunity to do that, to move from a repressed dictatorial regime to something that's freer, we've seen in that transition period there is untidiness."

"Transition to something that's freer." I guess this means that Iraq will now get something in between Sadaam Hussein and Mr. Bush. Hmmm...
wtf 12.Apr.2003 08:32


Since when does anybody on Indymedia care about looting? What ever happened to smash the state and all? It's like this newfound 'looting crisis' is becoming a central issue here.

Free globalization 12.Apr.2003 10:06

another citizen

The Iraqi people are now free to experience their country being inhabitated and run from the guns of the Bush/WTO crowd that will be sure that freedom rings with malls abounding with Sacks 5th Avenue, Roundup ready and genetically modified McDonalds fat/sodium "nourishment", to go along with the depleted uranium brought by the "liberators" of "democracy". You know the democracy where the millions of US citizens get in the streets all over the USA and say no to a Bush military action and the "leader of the people" says he doesn't care what the people say. That is the kind of "democracy" that the people of Iraq get; and with a US MILITARY GENERAL in charge of THEIR COUNTRY!


Bush violated the Geneva Convention on War in which the US is a signatory, violated the United Nations Charter in which the US is a signatory, killed men, women, and children of Iraq which is criminal, brought in the "Patriot Act" which violates the US Constitution and is being used rite now to jail a US Citizen in secret court proceedings without being charged by way of any offical complaint(s), where the "detainee" can not speak with his wife or children. What is being done about the perversion of our constitution? Bill Clinton was impeached regarding consentual sex. Bush is flagrantly violating the Contitution of The United States of America and the international treaties that The United States of America has agreed to abide.


hey leftwatch 12.Apr.2003 10:52


aka df (dumb fuck)

if you had a brain you'd be able to figure out smashing the state and smashing your neighbor are different, and for most people really wanting to smash the state, mutually exclusive. plus, if you were really concerned with the welfare of the iraqis, you'd be outraged that the same old thugs are there doing the same old things. think saddam. think taliban. think northern alliance.

for god's sake, just think. (oops, sorry, that's not why you're here.)

arg 12.Apr.2003 11:17


Rumsfeld is the most pedantic fuck I've ever witnessed.

I think the political system change upheaval he's talking about are all forced regime changes.

"Free people are free to commit crimes and do bad things..." I think he's talking about the USA here.

ooo, here's to ignorance 13.Apr.2003 10:37

Another Citizen

ie #1. "Think Sadam:
Sadam is/was secular. He did/does not like religious fudamentalists. He particularly did/does not like religious fudamentalists from Saudi Arabia, ie Osama BinLadin. He also does not/did not like religious fundamentalists from Afganistan. Sadam likes/liked facist power. The same kind of power that George Bush is attempting to accomplish with "The Patriot Act" and past convicted felon John Poindexter, "current master spy on the people of The United States of America". If Sadam sensed that he could further his power by joining Arab peoples in the region he would do it. He would not compromise his power in any way shape or form by getting involved with theocracies or religious fundamentalists in the area around "Arabia". George Bush is not going to compomise his power.

ie #2. "Think Taliban"
The Taliban is/was a brutal Theocracy. A theocracy in which a person like Osama Bin Ladin could thrive. Osama BinLadin was paid by the CIA to get the USSR out of Afganistan. When did the CIA drop Osama BinLadin from its payrole? George Hurber Walker Bush was Director of the CIA. Osama BinLadin has more in common with George Walker Bush than Sadam. George Hurber Walker Bush and Osama's father have been and are currently doing business together in a corporation named "The Carlisle Group". George Walker Bush has/is picking the "investigators" to investigate the hijacking of the planes that crached into The World Trade Center Towers in New York.

The above information has not been being reported repeatedly.