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What's Unite Resist???

What is "Unite Resist?"
I don't know if anybody else has seen this, but all over town I've been seeing this grafitti that says, "UNITE*RESIST". I was wondering if anyone knows what this is or who is doing it. It really seems to bother the conservatives and cops around town. I think it's really cool and was wondering who came up with such an awesome idea... So if anyone could give me any info on what this "unite Resist" thing is, I'd really apreciate it.
Unite*Resist 11.Apr.2003 23:24


from what i've heard unite*resist is one way of showing solidarity for the anti-war anti globlization movement.

hmm 12.Apr.2003 09:20


so you want a specific name?---hmm well i think the profound byte was concieved by a one Mr. WRIGHT of the Freemasons--we have been tracking his moves as of yet, and we will keep you updated--thank you AIC--err IAC--no no thats not right....CIA...ok ok...

No Names! 12.Apr.2003 13:05


I didn't mean to imply i wanted names. Obviously that would be quite stupid, plus i doubt the great people who came up with this tag want it known that they are the ones who started it. I just wanted to know what this "unite*resist" thing was about. For all i knew it stood for a pro-neo Nazi takeover of the world. As it sounds like it is Legit, I'd just like to give props to the people who started this, no matter who they may be.

Hey Now! 12.Apr.2003 16:45


I think 'curious' has a legitimate question and deserves a legitimate answer.

As with all short catchy slogans, 'Unite*Resist' is not intuitively obvious to the reader. Without context to give it meaning, it could be just about any group's rallying cry.

To pick an ancient but well known example 'loose lips sink ships' doesn't make any sense at all unless you put it in the context in which it was used.

'Burn, baby, burn' sounds like something said by someone who's cold and trying desperately to start a campfire.

'Remember Kent State' sounds like something you'd hear at a homecoming rally.

'I'm not a crook' sounds like something a weasel would say. Well, maybe I've overstated my case and some phrases are obvious ... <vbg>

But, I still think it's legitimate to ask what is meant by 'Unite*Resist'. I know I don't understand it clearly and it only shows up as an infrequent post. Hell, it could just as well be troll spam as anything else. For all I know, it *is* troll spam.