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The Latest Police Tactict at Peace Camp

Cmdr Rosie Sizer of the Portland Police Bureau has told the Portland Peace Encampment that we are no longer going to be charged with Public Camping. We will now be charged under the Obstructions as Nuisances code. This will not require a 24 hour notice. She assured the Peace Camp that no action will be taken on the night of April 11th.
During the Portland Peaceful Response march on Friday the 11th, Todd of the Portland Peace Camp, spotted Cmdr. Rosie Sizer among the officers present. He approached her and struck up a conversation concerning police-peace camp relations. Todd was shortly joined by Andy Seaton of Peace Camp.

Cmdr Sizer stated that per legal advice from City Attorneys, Peace Camp would no longer be charged Public Camping, but will be charged with violating the Obstructions as Nuisance ordinance. She agreed that Peace Camp is not obstructing the flow of traffic on the sidewalk, but that the ordinance also covers other material on the sidewalk. She noted that the Obstruction ordinance does not require 24 hour notice, preventing Peace Camp from staging a "Press Conference" as it did today. Cmdr Sizer further stated that no action would be taken during the evening of April 11th, but would make no assurances about Saturday the 12th.

Apon reading the Obstructions as Nuisance ordinance (14A.50.030), available on the City web site, the City's interpretation is extremely broad and could cover any item on the sidewalk from newspaper boxes to pigeons.

It is clear that the City is looking for any excuse to get rid of Peace Camp, especially after the media circus this afternoon. Peace Camp has stated that they are committed to staying thru the Alliance March on Saturday April 12th, but will then review its options for continuing after that.

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img 11.Apr.2003 22:41



Obstuctions as Nuisance (Sit-lie) 11.Apr.2003 23:08


According to the enforcement guidelines put into place last summer, the police are not supposed to enforce the Obstructions as Nuisances Ordinance (more popularly know as the Sit-Lie Law) at public events. As long as the police encampment is a protest, it should be considered a public event and not be subject to the ordinance. Of course, this depends on how the police and eventually the courts decide to interpret it. Last September the police threatened to enforce sit-lie against Cascadia Forest Alliance activists camped outside of Senator Wyden's office. The forest activists decided not to challenge the police at that time. Later, when activists involved brought this incident to the attention of the City Council, Mayor Katz said that a camp-out might not qualify as a protest. The courts might decide that the peace camp is a protest, but we wont know unless someone challenges the ticket. The ticket holds a possible fine of $500.

Mayor Sidesteps Process and Enacts Sit-Lie-Stand Law Peaceful Vigil Disrupted by Portland Police Officers

Peace Encampment is Awesome Challenge 11.Apr.2003 23:42

to Katz's takeover of City

I had forgotten about the Portland police bureau's use of the sit-lie threat at the Wyden vigil last year. It is very important to bring this up at this time.

As I understand it, as one who had left the sidewalk outside of Wyden's office before the police arrived on that night and got the story from friends later, the vigil keepers decided to leave the sidewalk rather than risk learning how far the police were willing to go. The late night encounter in a deserted part of NE Portland near the Lloyd Center was no place to find out, it seemed.

City Hall is different, particularly with the abundant independent and corporate media present today (even though the city turned off the street lights on Thursday night, as if to conceal their planned crime from view.)

Katz and the the police should be pre-empted from enforcing the sit-lie ordinance (where we 'sit' and they lie) by forcing the Peace Encampment to leave before they are ready. Sizer should be required to get a court order interpreting the ordinance as applied to this particular form of speech. (And, I might add, Portland police officers Mark Kruger and Martin Rowley, among others, should not be allowed NEAR the encampment, ever.)

I could write all night long about Katz and the City Council and the Portland Police Bureau. Instead, I'll leave you with an article on Katz' whitewash 'State of the City' address last week by Phil Busse of the Portland Mercury.


Illegal Campground 12.Apr.2003 10:12

Chris Leck

Different view....
Illegal Campground
Illegal Campground

that's a great picture! 12.Apr.2003 10:47



yeah, you're right 12.Apr.2003 13:51


I'm gonna stump for GW and his perverted death-worshipping Satan-sucking clan.

city council and police are HARASSING campers 12.Apr.2003 14:50

Just Thinking

It seems clear to me that the mayor is not on the right track. She doesn't care about her citizens--she cares about some "image" of the city she is chasing that would make her feel better about herself (or earn brownie points from some group that is controlling her). Is this not a REAL mental illness she has?!! Isn't this what denial is all about? She is not making sense (she thinks constitutionality = "UNLUCKY!!!") and she is not doing her job of representing the citizens, which is particularly to take special care to represent the most vulnerable citizens. (If you don't quite see it that way, just realize that the whole purpose of government is to protect the underdog). One thing is certain: her denial and warped thinking is interfering with her job to the extent that it's negating her job.
As far as the police, city hall, the feds, and all their encroachments upon our exercise of our MOST BASIC CIVIL LIBERTIES--how about the word HARASSMENT (from Websters):
"1 a : EXHAUST, FATIGUE b : to annoy persistently
2 : to worry and impede by repeated raids <harassed the enemy>
synonym see WORRY"
Harassment is obviously the pattern, not protecting our rights. Harassment is a crime. That is very worrisome to us all.

A minor question 12.Apr.2003 16:27


In this and other posts, I've seen references to tickets and associated fines ... $100, $250, $500 and so on.

You're not actually paying those fines, are you? If not, then why do you care? What I mean is, if a ticket and fine are given and simply ignored, aren't they irrelevant in the real world?

It's all real. 12.Apr.2003 18:09

Jamie jamie@sistersoftheroadcafe.org

Tickets and fines that are not paid become warrants. Warrants lead to arrests. Jail is pretty real. To my knowledge the police have not given tickets to the police campers yet, but they give them to campers who are homeless all the time.

Obviosuly, most people who are homeless cannot pay a $250 fine. Either they ignore the ticket, which then becomes a warrant, leading to their arrest, or the show up to court and plead guilty. If they plead guilty thier case is handled by community court which will give them community service hour instead of the fine. If they do not complete those community service hours, they end up with a warrant.If they complete the service hours, they have performed forst labour for breaking a law they had no choice in breaking.

Unfortunately, it is all very real.

The full text of Judge Gallaghers ruling declaring the anti-camping ordinance uncostituional can be found here. It is important to remember that because Gallaghers was a circuit court judge and the City did not follow through with an appeal the decision only applied to the Wicks case did not result in the law being over turned.

Folks should also check out this article on the "Field of Dream Protesters." They launched a protest camp in 2001 when Dignity Village was relocated to Sunderland Yard. The police swept the campers on September 11th, 2001.

Just an aside 13.Apr.2003 08:21

The Redcoat abelo@earthlink.net

I have often wondered why the Peace Camp is on the west side of the park. It's the Federal administration that's the problem. Maybe the campers should move over to the East side of the park, and bug the Feds for awhile.