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Help me find (and disrupt) Troll forums!

its time to bring the harassment and the subversion back to those who started it, the TROLLS!!!!
ok, so please somebody respond with a list of conservative news forums/chat rooms/message boards, etc. its time use their own tricks against them. dis-information, subversion, and harrassment. posting fake news, fake events, whatever. lets learn a lesson from them and use it to fuck up THEIR forums, like they always do with ours. it really shouldn't be hard to confuse and disturb a bunch of semi-conscious apes. it's time for some mental guerilla warfare.
The Worst Trolls Are The KOBE 12.Apr.2003 00:37


The KOBE Organization, a spin off of the Free Republic, is the worst troll gang online. They spam forums, issue death threats with anonymous emails, work with the police, monitor forums and report people to the FBI. Their website can be found at:  http://www.kobehq.com

They have several forums.

Another forum where trolls hang out is called "The Cheese Board." This forum is run by a member of KOBE, though he pretends not to be. His forum is at:  http://www.voy.com/64352/

Of course, there's the Free Republic:  http://www.freerepublic.com

Another member of KOBE works for "Guardroom" 12.Apr.2003 00:46


This pig, a cop, posts on the forum here:  http://www.guardroom.com/

Don't you have something better to do? 12.Apr.2003 01:50


Why do you want to stoop to their level?

You really do have better things to do.

They would probably love it if you showed up on their forum where they can gang up on you.

really why bother? 12.Apr.2003 03:16


I did that to the free republic site a few times and it was just overly a waste of time.

Why do what they do here?

You could spend time writing doing much better things.

Let them waste their time posting spam and whatever.

we are here 12.Apr.2003 17:48


Fear not, we are here. Watching you. Video taping you.
Pinging your servers, pinging you. Waiting for you.

You don't need to go to another forum. We are right here...waiting

to 'we are here' . . . 12.Apr.2003 18:13


Indymedia is not a "forum".

too easy! 12.Apr.2003 18:35

da stinksta



they know your indymedia ilk, and the posters there will eat you alive.

Voice from the shadows 12.Apr.2003 18:42

Sean Connery

We've *always* been here ....
Voice from the shadows
Voice from the shadows

Thanks so much 12.Apr.2003 19:44


thanks for letting me know about 'little green footballs". Now I know what our opposition is all about. This site is filled with racist, ignorant turds. It is clear that most everyone who participates in their forums have absolutely no knowledge of the facts. This is a pathetic little fascist -supporting site.

Did you notice? 12.Apr.2003 20:54


Did you notice that every person who commonly uses the word "ilk" is an asshole?

Just one of those every day observations.

ilk 12.Apr.2003 23:45


Did ya ever notice that when someone uses the term troll, they'll try and pawn themselves off as a caring tolerant loving person?

Troll Busting 13.Apr.2003 09:41


"Did ya ever notice that when someone uses the term troll, they'll try and pawn themselves off as a caring tolerant loving person? "

No, you're are confusing them with people who wave the AmeriKan flag and talk about 'democracy and freedom' alot (see Compassionate Conservative as one example)