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Fox News 1944 Germans Liberate Ukraine!!!!

Ukraine is finaly free, yet some dictator lovers still protest!
The glorious German Nazi forces have liberated Keiv today in a glorious lightning war. The citizens of all Ukraine came out to greet the liberating forces with cheers and flowers. A group of Ukrainians toppled statues of Stalin and burnt pictures of the evil dictator. One Ukrainian citizen said, "we have been waiting, what took you so long?" Despite all this some neighboring news outlets are still calling the Germans an occupying force, and express dissapointment at the level resistance shown by the jubilant population, but what else can you expect from the ignorant backwards population of that region, where there is no freedom of press? Remarkably there are still some protest going on against the war of liberation, led by obvious dictator lovers and traitors to the nation. We here at Fox News are sure that the people of Eastern Europe will finaly get the freedom they long for, under the loving care of German liberation forces.
Typical Indymedia drone... 12.Apr.2003 00:31

Trilox Woodsman

If you are going try to make a funny funny ha ha you should do a little more research. Operation Barbarossa started on June 22, 1941 not in 1944...

Typical Nazi-loving Troll 13.Apr.2003 09:33


You seem to know quite a bit about the military history of the Nazis, don't you Trilox? Been studying up on your heroes, huh?