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Attention Trolls Who Buy The Saddam Statue Story..Suckers

Fun with propanda..I can't believe any of you suckers bought any of that!!!
If there is one thing this war has taught us all, it's that we can't believe what we're told. For Donald Rumsfeld these were "breathtaking". For the British Army they were "historic". For BBC Radio they were "amazing".

A wide angle shot in which you can see the whole of Fardus Square (conveniently located just opposite the Palestine Hotel where the international media are based), and the presence of at most around 200 people - most of them US troops (note the tanks and armored vehicles) and assembled journalists.

The BBC website had the honesty to say that "dozens" of Iraqis were involved, but this grain of truth was swamped by the overwhelming impression of mass joy. The radio and TV were even worse.

The masses are no doubt glad to see the back of Saddam Hussein, but this was a US Army propaganda coup, staged for the benefit of the same journalists it had bombed the day previously, and which the British media have swallowed hook line and sinker. Shame on them.

April 6th: Iraqi National Congress founder, Ahmed Chalabi is flown into the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah by the Pentagon. Chalabi, along with 700 fighters of his "Free Iraqi Forces" are airlifted aboard four massive C17 military transport planes. Chalabi and the INC are Washington favorites to head the new Iraqi government. A photograph is taken of Chalabi and members of his Free Iraqi Forces militia as they arrive in Nasiriyah.

April 9th: One of the "most memorable images of the war" is created when U.S. troops pull down the statue of Saddam Hussein in Fardus Square. Oddly enough... a photograph is taken of a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to one of Chalabi's militia members... he is near Fardus Square to greet the Marines. How many members of the pro-American Free Iraqi Forces were in and around Fardus Square as the statue of Saddam came tumbling down?

The up close action video of the statue being destroyed is broadcast around the world as proof of a massive uprising. Still photos grabbed off of Reuters show a long-shot view of Fardus Square... it's empty save for the U.S. Marines, the International Press, and a small handful of Iraqis. There are no more than 200 people in the square at best. The Marines have the square sealed off and guarded by tanks. A U.S. mechanized vehicle is used to pull the statue of Saddam from it's base. The entire event is being hailed as an equivalent of the Berlin Wall falling... but even a quick glance of the long-shot photo shows something more akin to a carefully constructed media event tailored for the television cameras.

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Here's the photo 11.Apr.2003 20:18


Here's the photo
Here's the photo

I found the photo here..too much!!! 11.Apr.2003 20:34



click and paste for the photo. I was laughing so hard!! What a herd of suckers!!!

too late, its already history, in stone! 11.Apr.2003 21:23


its offical. its history, you will just have to find another story to make up....

What about the flag 11.Apr.2003 21:28


If the whole pulling-down-the-statue thing was just a contrived photo-op, then why did we also see the images of the US flag being drapped over it's face and hastily removed, as if someone suddenly realized that wasn't cool?

On the one hand, clever propagand, on the other hand inept propaganda ... there's a conflict that I can't reconcile.

Re: Puzzled 11.Apr.2003 21:46

wall street journal

because arrogant people make mistakes, and by the way, it's live television...

this story didn't look too made up to me. The picture is real enough. I wonder what makes df think it was made up.

I watched it = 11.Apr.2003 21:49


And it all seemed pretty "real" too me - it was supposedly a live shot - so who knows -

But really, what's up with all the "conspiricy" assumptions? it's almost as if - people don't have anything better to do - except make up stories - when there really isn't a story at all.

Just an observation.

Bunch of Dopes 11.Apr.2003 22:13


It looks like it was the live shot up close, putting more people in the frame so that it appeared more people were there. The picture on the link is a wide shot of the same event.

This looks like it could be a story related to media manipulation. Gee, that's never been done during a war before.

Regarding conspiracy ( spell check ), it is a legal definition under the law. A group of people working together to commit a crime. There's a pretty outrageous thought for you. I have a harder time believing in coincidences.

ABC Nightline exposed it as *Big Lie* 11.Apr.2003 22:21


On tonight's Nightline, Chris Bury did a video segment showing the close-in "statue" pictures, including the shot of the statue being kicked and stomped on. He pointed out the fact that of the eighteen people in the shot, seven of them were journalists. He then zoomed the same video out to show the tiny crowd around the statue, and the almost empty square, remarking that in photojournalism, framing is everything, and commented briefly on the story's propaganda value. His lead-in to the story was "Great Photo, Big Lie." Seems like even those in mainstream media can't stomach the tripe that's being dished up by the propaganda masters.

how to stage an iconic war event 12.Apr.2003 03:35

andrea pdx

The creation of this "historic" event was actually quite a propaganda coup. The psyops folks that came up with this are to be "congratulated". That dramatic moment conveyed the message that the war was over; that Saddam had fallen;that the iraqi people were "liberated" and became the iconic moment of the war and pushed the images of kids without arms off the front pages.

One thing to know is that by "coincidence" this event took place in camera range of the only live web cam that has been allowed by the Iraqi's and the american military to keep broadcasting through out the war.

Its actually a CBS live feed line, but journalists from other news networks have been using it for their "stand ups" for their live reports with Baghdad in the background (if they didnt have their own satellite video phones.)

The webcam is located on the top of the Palestine Hotel (where two foreign journalists were killed by american tank fire). The webcam points out towards a mosque and the square where the Saddam statue was standing.

So the event took place where the only live picture could be broadcast world wide and was located in front of the hotel where the international journalists were staying.

So the americans were able to get BBC and CNN to carry the event live. The BBC reporter was making comparisons to when the Berlin Wall fell. This was the dramatic moment that was being created.

It was interesting to hear the Canadian Broadcast commentary on the event. The commentator said this was not the Berlin Wall falling. There was at most 200 people in the square.

Here is the URL for the web cam. It is a CBS line so you will also get the live feeds from the pentagon or the white house or Quatar when they occur. Also occasionally there a test pattern is shown, but usually doesnt last long.

Mostly though it is the city traffic. and you get to see a variety of journalists practicing their lines.

Today there is a difference. The city traffic has returned. The city almost seems normal. There was also a small demonstration of Iraqi's holding up a sign in english and arabic "We want a new government as soon as possible to ensure security and peace" They were chanting "We want Iraqi government" We want peace". We want Iraqi leader"

The Palestine hotel according to the MSNBC journalist who has just finished his stand up, is now the american administrative center for getting Baghdad back together.


This URL works with Real One Player media program.
I found this URL posted on the U.K Indy Media site three weeks ago.

More propaganda 12.Apr.2003 07:52


This reminds me of the Pentagon disinformation about the Iraqi family killed by US forces. In their ersion, US soldiers had to destroy the truck because it was advancing despite warning shots. In the real story, a US Army Ranger Captain, in an admirable moment, growled at his men for not providing adequate warning and I paraphrase; he said something like "...now you fucking killed a family...". This was also verified by a journalist.