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imperialism & war

BlackBloc Calling in Austin Tx. May 3rd!

It is time for anti-authoritarians,anti-imperialist, and like minded individuals to converge on the "Showdown in Texas" and show our solidarity against this capitalist machine
The war against Iraq is not just against Iraq. This war is against the people of this country as well. We aim to connect the war abroad with the war for our civil liberties at home. The capitalist machine at home drives this war. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting the shaft. Workers of the world unite with us in solidarity to confront the state in a true Showdown in Texas. Lets send our message clear that we do not support this war! That we do not support this capitalist system! We call upon all to converge upon Austin, using whatever tactics they feel are necessary and prudent to carry out the goals of their respective organizations and constituencies; we call all upon all to organize in affinity groups and coalitions as necessary to resist the legalized planning for the criminalization of dissent; and we leave up to individuals and groups to choose whatever tactics they deem appropriate to their cause, and that such tactics be carried out independent of one another when necessary. We call upon the defense of non-violent activists against the likely abuse by the police who will likely rise to the occasion.

Come dressed in fashion and show your support and solidarity. More info will be available as time draws closer to the date. Texas has never seen the BlackBloc before, so this will truly be a test of ourselves and the police. In solidarity,

johhny Flag
Confederation of SouthWest Anarcho/Socialist


homepage: homepage: http://www.showdowntx.com

Long live the Confederacy!!! 11.Apr.2003 16:38

rebel yellow

CONFEDERATION - yeah we know...

That's why you preach all that anti-American crap -- you're still fighting the American Civil War.

You lost.

comment #2 11.Apr.2003 17:33


Confederation is a name for a type of organization, and the word is a lot older than the Confederacy, in fact the Confederacy wasn't even a confederation.

You won't believe this 11.Apr.2003 17:58

rebel yellow

Get this -- Texas Showdown is a project of the AFSC (The American Friends Service Committee, a practical expression of the faith of the Religious Society of Friends) or as the rest of us would say, Quakers!

AFSC Values
The AFSC community is guided by the values, principles and practices of the Religious Society of Friends, and is strengthened and renewed by the corresponding spiritual insights of people from many backgrounds who participate in its work.

We cherish the belief that there is that of God in each person, leading us to respect the worth and dignity of all. We are guided and empowered by the Spirit in following the radical thrust of the early Christian witness. From these beliefs flow the core understandings that form the spiritual framework of our organization and guide its work.

We regard no person as our enemy. While we often oppose specific actions and abuses of power, we seek to address the goodness and truth in each individual.

We assert the transforming power of love and nonviolence as a challenge to injustice and violence and as a force for reconciliation.

We seek and trust the power of the Spirit to guide the individual and collective search for truth and practical action.

So, do you think the Quakers realize that the BlackBlock spits on their values?