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Any rides going to the Action Camp?

Just looking for a ride from Portland to the All Womyns Action Camp.
Very simple. If you're driving there, have an extra space, wouldn't mind giving someone a ride, LET ME KNOW. Thanks. Email me at

Action camp transpo 11.Apr.2003 16:05


ride your fucking bike...this war is about oil stupid

FUCK OFF! 11.Apr.2003 16:32


Fuck you, asshole. Somebody stole my fucking bike and I have no money to just go out and buy a new one. So if you fucking want me to ride my goddamn bike, then give me a fucking bike to ride. In the mean time, that's why I'm trying to catch a ride with someone who's already going. Have a wonderful day, wally.

FYAH PON WALLY 12.Apr.2003 10:19

stupid white man

hotta fyah pon wally