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Mr Rogers Global Neighborhood

Mr Rogers leads today's class through a lesson on propaganda.
Good morning children! It's a beautiful day for some learning fun. Children, today we are going to learn about guided misinformation. Otherwise affectionately known as "Propaganda". Propaganda is the intentional spread of manufactured media to sway public opinion in a specific direction. In your favor or against. It all depends on who's side of the "liberation" you're on. Here, demonstrated by some recent pictures, you can see a splendid piece of American propaganda used in the "liberation" of Iraq. Our first picture seems to show a huge crowd in Fardus Square, in the middle of Baghdad, celebrating the toppling of Saddam's statue.


In this second picture of the same scene, taken from a much wider angle, we can see that there are roughly several hundred people in the square being completely controlled by U.S. military. I would hardly call this historic children. A tale of two pictures. One bent on bias. The other showing the actuality of the situation.


This, as I mentioned before children, is what we call propaganda. Let's spell it. P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A Now for our fun exercise of the day. Today, children, we are going to manufacture our own piece of governmental propaganda. We'll take a picture from Iraq and coin a caption for it that will hopefully throw it's context out the window and turn it into a wonderful piece of misinformation.


Woman holds back tears of joy after her whole family is liberated by U.S. troops!
See how easy and fun that was children. Tune in next week for some more fun with terrorism. Remember kids, Mr. Rogers never voices a dissenting opinion against his government because he is a patriot

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Meth lab 11.Apr.2003 10:46

Black Flag

isn't this a picture of a meth lab in NE?
Meth lab
Meth lab

Here's One 11.Apr.2003 10:49

Fox News Fascist

Check out the following link for a hilarious spoof of Fox News style disinformation.

Here's One
Here's One