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These are just a few of my questions.
Did Fox win the war? Is the war over? One statue toppled and a few cities taken, does that mean the end of the war? Independent unembedded reporters killed, so war is over? Propaganda machine "converting" peaceniks, so war is over? What we don't need peace now? Message war works, peaceniks crazy? Indymedia taken over by right wing trolls? Indymedia activism calendar gone? What's going on???
asdfa 11.Apr.2003 08:05


Yes. The war is over. Bush, the CIA, and the US oil cartel negotiated with the Russians to take Saddam in exile in exchange for a halt to the Iraqi resistance.

See this earlier post:


So far nobody has really picked up this story.

In my opinion, the corporate media has basically changed over to long drawn out "glory scene" mode. Probably they don't want to say that the war is really over because they might lose the valuable audience and commercial revenue, or perhaps this is some kind of larger disinformation campaign.

There might be some small battles, and they might spin these.
Who knows. I'm not saying i'm 100% right about anything.

In reality, if you look carefully at the New American Century documents, this war was just the beginning of an even bigger war.

We did it 11.Apr.2003 09:25


We did it. Saddam is currently sunning himself at our private estate along the Volga River in Russia (we own them too). Yep! We cut a deal, France and Germany get the northern oil fields and the US and UK get the southern. Baghdad will be divided between Sears, Krogers and Value Village.

We decided to turn the western region into a big campground run by the Boy Scouts and KOA.

Keep tuned in because we expect to overrun Syria by about noon tomorrow, just as soon as we reprogram president Bush.