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The Revolution.... will be streamed

Similar to our Founding Fathers' fight against tyranny from within, today's "rowdies" challenge the American empire.
The Revolution.... will be streamed
The Revolution.... will be streamed
The "Boston Massacre" as it is called, was not a massacre in the sense that many were slaughtered, it was more like a provocative anti-authoritarian protest, highly publicized for the brutal governmental response. This incident marked the beginning of the end for the unjust empire of the day. For the early American "rowdies", it was a milestone on their road to independence.

In a very similar situation, the enlightened "rowdies" of our time, free from the brainwashing of a government friendly mainstream media, are challenging what has become the unjust American empire of today. Monday, 04/07/03, Oakland protesters encountered some of the worst US anti-protest brutality in years,  http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/0407-07.htm

While Paul Revere's famous print of the scene in Boston took weeks to circulate in the region, video of the Oakland Attack of April 7 is now available worldwide anytime,

It may be true the Revolution won't be televised. More than likely, the Revolution will be streamed.
well then... 11.Apr.2003 09:26


i guess the revolution needs broadband