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I got a question for you.

Say you were back in Nazi Germany.
Hitler wants to invade Poland because he says there are people there who terrorise German citizens. You are against war with Poland.

Hitler goes in and beats the shit out of Poland in just a few days. The Nazis win the war with Poland no problem.

The question is this: DOES THAT MAKE YOU WRONG?

Don't call me a dirty hippy, just answer the question.
Paying attention...and still outraged! 11.Apr.2003 05:01

Intelligent and educated dirty hippie LadyPhim@aol.com

So we have conquered a sovereign nation, and murdered its leader (maybe). I guess that's the new American way... Did anyone but me notice that the media replayed the tape over and over of the same group of people celebrating the arrival of American troops in Baghdad? I must have seen that statue topple every few minutes...and I wasn't even watching. Not to mention the very brief "War Update" mentioning that one of our armored vehicles assisted with the toppling of that statue. It seems prudent to be damn glad welcome conquerers who come equipped with armored vehicles... I may be a cynic, but (at 45, after living through Viet Nam, Grenada, Panama & Desert Media Circus, to name a few), I would bet money that the war is far from over. If they have managed to murder Hussein (doubtful), they have created an Arab martyr (and created a frightening situation in the Middle East). If he and/or his supporters still live, our Government has created an excuse for an ongoing American presence in Iraq (to prevent the evil regime from returning to power). Why are we questioning whether our dissent was and continues to be justified? Do we really buy what the corporate media is telling us?

y 11.Apr.2003 12:18


dirty hippie