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SARS Larson

Nothing to see here. I just like the name SARS Larson.

I think it would be cool if someone redesigned the Larson ads floating around town on the back of Tri-Met buses.

It is rather befitting, however, to have a picture of SARS Larson right next to the poisonous air spewing out of the back of a bus.
Polution 11.Apr.2003 09:49

The Redcoat

Tri-Met tries to keep the pollution down. It's not as bad as having to look at Lars' ugly puss all the time.

any comments Woodsman?

nah... 11.Apr.2003 12:58

Trilox Woodsman

"any comments Woodsman?"

No, not much to say other than the fact that Tri-Met buses and all the other diesel burning vehicles probably create more smog in the Portland Metro Area than all the late model pollution controlled SUV's you clowns like to whine about...

Okay, but... 11.Apr.2003 14:18


So Trilox is Woodsman?

In any case, yes, late model SUV's, pick ups et al are getting better mileage than Tri Met buses, but they don't carry as many passengers. I personally do not have a problem with the better mileage SUV's and pick up aside the fact that some of these SUV's are down right dangerous to drive. Their tip over factor is high. Now jet skis and snowmobiles, there's a waste of gas.