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Belmont Peace March!

The Belmont Peace March forges onward!
Today, we met for the third week at 34th and Belmont to March for Peace, which is what we did, all five of us, and two bike cops. We marched while making peace signs with our hands, receiving a significant but subdued response from the public. We will continue to March until the changes that we are asking for, that is, the end of this unjust war, manifest. This was a difficult week, as we acknowledge, that, on one hand the Iraqi people do want/need liberation from Hussein, and on the other, that many of them, are unaware of the underlying intentions behind the Bush/Blair Administration occupation. This is apparent regardless of whether it is 100 Iraqis cheering on U.S. soldiers, an entire town, as we saw in Northern Iraq, or one person, as we saw with young boys wanting to reach out to U.S. soldiers. However, the point remains, that this war, and the process in which it was and is being waged, defies any hope that we may one day use heartfelt, and intellectual means/processes through mediation, facilitation, reconciliation, negotiation, dialogue etc., to resolve the overriding conflicts of our generation, which I am sure is what most of us believe to be possible given the desire, and the right climate. While the Bush/Blair team, refuse to create that environment which would make peaceful change possible, we do not. We march in the belief that change is possible through peaceful means. Today we sang anti-war songs as we marched, and even though we we're only five, we knew that everyone of you were with us in spirit, and we hope to see everyone restored, and renewed next week.
with you in spirit 10.Apr.2003 22:57

eva goldman

i managed to make it on spring break, but now i'm back in class on thursdays or i'd be there. keep on keepin' on.

thank you 10.Apr.2003 23:21


Thank you for being there in person for those of us, like me, who could be there only in spirit.