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Eugene Anarchists Burn Reserve Base Flag

Radical anti-war march in Eugene
Today in Eugene a group of around forty anarcist removed the american flag from the front of a marine reserve base and set it on fire.

it's growing
Punks 10.Apr.2003 20:26


I hope the Marines find these punks and kick their butts up around their ears.

why do you bother to post here? 10.Apr.2003 20:38


i dont understand why these idiota are constantly posting here saying shit about what activists are doing... dont you have some country music show to go to or something?

ugh 10.Apr.2003 20:56

i *heart* country music

stop marginalizing people who are unlike you.

it fucking sucks.

Why 10.Apr.2003 20:57


>i dont understand why these idiota are constantly posting
>here saying shit about what activists are doing... dont
>you have some country music show to go to or something?

It's always appropriate to shine the light of truth into dark places...

no joke 10.Apr.2003 21:07

the one

these losers that constentally post stupid comments on here are the guys that are too fat and lazy to pass the physical exam to get in to the service, so they take there agression out on here.
It's ok.. we understand..
I even have a suggestion. TRY ANOREXIA! it works so fast you'll be in the service fast you can make it to WWIII.

what's growing? 10.Apr.2003 21:15

J. anniel88@hotmail.com

What's growing? Hatred? Stupidity? Ignorance?

I'm against the war. I'm against Bush and the way he's running our country. I'm against corporate rule and the like.....

I dig on America. I think it's a great place to live. I don't think burning the flag is saying much except:

"Duh...we're a bunch of ignorant white kids"

What kind of difference is that going to make?

It seems absurd to me....a waste of time and energy.



FLAG CAN'T BE USED IN IRAQ 10.Apr.2003 21:31


flag can't be used in iraq.

can't be used in iraq.

in iraq, it can't be used.

whats it good for then?

obviously a mercenary symbol of war pigs hired by the federal reserve et al.

Sorry, but I don't get the point... 10.Apr.2003 22:07


Other than stealing government property, vandelism, and desecration of the symbol of our country, and possibly a minor pyromaniacal sexual thrill, just what did this accomplish?

Did it change anyones mind?
Did it save any lives?
Did it give a child comfort or food?

Or did it just feel good to destroy something other's hold in such high regard? To shove a burning flag in someones face, just because they don't agree with your point of view...is that the extent of your movement?

BURN BABY BURN 10.Apr.2003 22:17


burning a flag is saying a nice big "FUCK YOU" to the government and imperialism, even if it may be offensive to the luke-warm democrat type liberals. the only people who respect flags are the evolutionary dead-ends who need some banner to hide behind. cowards always hide behind flags.

calling out... 10.Apr.2003 22:22


..fatphobia. Not a cool part of our movement. I like flag burning way more. Let's try to minimize the ways our movement mirrors the opresive paterns of the dominant culture, shall we? Bad mouthing fat people is one of those ways.

Just thought I'd mention it...

corporate media loves burning flags 10.Apr.2003 22:27


You expect that American foreign policy will now change due to your courageous destruction of a textile product?

"burning a flag is saying a nice big 'FUCK YOU' to the government and imperialism"

at least to that central base of U.S. government power that is Eugene, OR.

is it true? 10.Apr.2003 22:36


is it true that said Eugene Anarchists were not the Eugene Anarchists (TM)?? Woo hoo!

burning the flag 11.Apr.2003 07:26

jest thinkin'

I'm thinkin' that burning the American flag is a symbolic act, very much like tearing down the statues of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. When the regime's symbols of power are brought down, it symbolizes the bringing down of the regime itself. It's not, however, the same thing as bringing down the regime itself. That's a more complicated matter...

It strikes me that tearing down a flag works best as a symbol if you have a new one to run up in its place. I'd ask this group what they plan to replace the old regime with.

Given that this was a direct attack on the military institutions that are prosecuting this immoral and illegal war of conquest and destruction, I'd think that even mainstream anti-war activists would applaud. It wasn't just any old American flag, but the one hanging in front of the Marine Corps center in Eugene. Well aimed action, I'd say. Even if you respect the USA flag (why I'm not sure), it's misuse as a symbol of military power in this case is enough reason to bring it down from that location.

You know what's even better? 11.Apr.2003 08:02

dismayed by the coverup

In fact, what's best of all is to NOT do anything, but say that you did. You can't get any more efficient than that.

My earlier post was just removed by the censor who surely believed it to be propoganda, without bothering to check on the facts. This is a disservice to all.

I maintain, having actually spoken to Eugene residents, that no-one anywhere in Eugene knows anything about this incident. The original post is a fairly ingenious means of stirring the pot without expending any effort.

It's irritating to know that somewhere, someone is giggling to him/herself about fooling eveyone on IndyMedia. It surely doesn't help the cause.

My God ... If someone posted that "we've burned down the white house and hooray for our side" ... would you blindly accept that statement, just because you wanted to believe?

I ask anyone who can, to provide even anecdotal evidence beyond 'anon's original post that this event took place.

Yes, I've heard of this event 11.Apr.2003 09:36

emma v.

Yes, I heard quite a bit about this at the Grower's Market Building in the Peaceworks office, and also at the food market from someone who saw the group mid-event. I do think it happened. How odd it seemed to me that someone would assume otherwise... but then, why not?

I was there 11.Apr.2003 10:32


I was there yesterday. When we first went to the Marine station it was very loud pots, pans, yelping and screaming. I don't really remember there being forty people there it seemed more like 20-30 people to me. I also wasn't there during the burning of the flag that belonged to the reserve station. Although I was there when a womyn was untying one of the propagandic banners from in front of the office. One of the knuckle heads from inside came out and grabbed her hand and ripped it away. Of course, contrary to popular belief, anarchists and radicals think very highly of eachother, and don't want to see anyone get hurt. We got our comrade from the hands of the Marine guy and brought her back to rally around the flag pole where we continued to make beautiful noise and burn the beautiful banner of imperialism. As you can Imagine the rough and tough Marine who needed to vent on the grrl at first didn't like to see his stars n' stripe burn, proceeded to try and get the flag from the people who it rightfully belonged to, there was a scuffle. Eventually a seemingly reasonable guy came out from the office and told the first knucklehead "It's only a piece of cloth." The first guy huffed and turned away, and went inside. Great cheers erupted and bloody baby doll parts were thrown on the front step next to a cardboard peace sign. At that point the only flags that had been burned belonged to the protesters. We decided to keep moving around the side of the building where a white sheet that said "GOVERNMENT IS WAR IS MURDER" along with some more bloody baby-doll parts were placed. I left shortly after so I cannot say that there was a flag that belonged to the government that was burned, but I can say that it was an empowering thing to be in a group of people who care enough about each other and the world to risk alienation by getting off their asses, off the sidewalks, out from in front of the soapbox podium, and actually confront the bastard-child fucked up philosophy that rules this world. I think we need to embrace ALL methods of revolution, because the chances are that we will all need eachother someday. The peacenicks will need to be helped out by the blac blocks, and the blac blocks will need comfort and kindness from the peacenicks. Who are you really to question somones desire to creatively resist? No one was hurt yesterday. Noone got pepper sprayed. People came out onto their front porches to show support. There is as much chance that we turned someone onto the movement yesterday as the over controlled rallies that usually happen in Eugene. We need eachother remember that. We have the numbers, fuck their guns. Groups like this need to be in the streets every day. And more mellow groups need to take action as well. Whether it be guerilla actions or guerilla theater the movement needs it all. The divisiveness needs to stop, and we need to come together. If you don't like flag burning, don't burn the damn flag, I didn't yesterday. Decide on the risk that you are willing to take and let it be known, but we need to know that our limits will be respected, and not questioned or compromised. Long live the revolution.

Burning Flag 11.Apr.2003 10:36


the flag most definitly did burn and not all present were necessarily anarchists

didn't mean to offend 11.Apr.2003 11:01


I thought it was pretty appropriate to say "anarchists and radicals" but maybe not. It pretty safe to say that myself and the people I walked with yesterday are probably considered by the mainstream to be "radical" at least. Either way I was highly appreciative of the actions.

It may sound odd 11.Apr.2003 11:01


I suppose the disbelief *does* sound odd without any context.

To tell the truth, having read the initial post (which is a tad skimpy on detail), I was looking for additional information, possibly even photos. I became curious and then sceptical when I couldn't find *any* mention of it.

There's enough bogus stuff posted at IndyMedia (posted under false pretenses, that is) that I just got a little suspicious about the whole thing.

That's all.