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John Doe a/k/a TvLimit BNB v. IPRC

Libel and defamation of the IPRC hurts the organization. Give IPRC a break and your support!
The certain John Doe, a/k/a TvLimit BNB, has been publicly defaming the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) on this website, portland.indymedia.org, as well as on Angelfire.com, a site owned by TerraLycos. This individual has also advocated a malicious boycott, racketeering and malicious harassment (by way of unsolicited phone calls to its sole phone line by flooding it with phone calls).

Regardless of his opinions or beliefs, the behaviors and antics of the said John Doe is unethical, immoral and potentially unlawful. He is hereby advised to cease and desist before he might end up in a further trouble.

IPRC, an Oregon non-profit corporation subject to the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3), is a private corporation funded by grants, donations, membership fees and various user fees. It does not use federal or state funds. It is a membership organization for the benefit of its due-paying members.

This is a perilous time, when our soldiers are defending our freedom and liberating Iraq by sacrificing their precious lives. At homefront we counter terrorists, social service budget cuts, deficits, education and a lot more important issues than TvLimit BNB's imaginary "racial oppression." If TvLimit is indeed a peace activist, he should be spending his time contributing to that cause, instead of stirring up destructive strifes at the IPRC.

Semper fidelis, God bless America,

Molly Stanton.
American Patriotic Committee for the Salvation and Progress of the Fatherland.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with IPRC nor am I a board member or an employee of the said organization.

homepage: homepage: http://www.iprc.org/
address: address: American Patriotic Committee for the Salvation and Progress of the Fatherland, U

Hypocrisy, or double-standard. 10.Apr.2003 20:23

Molly Anne Stanton

OK, the BNB in the TvLimit BNB stands for the musical band, according to TvLimit's website. So I looked at the band website (www.dsame.com). I found it appalling to see this statement:

"#7. Sorry, due to it being a conflict of interest, please don't send us any material if you are a member of any non-profit organizations on Oak street in Portland, Oregon. Yes, that sounds highly
ridiculous. Especially since non-profit organizations all over the world are unquestionably wonderful. But we have to make this an eligibility requirement so that there are no hard feelings
and/or conflicts of interest with members of our band. Thank you for understanding."

Of course, this means IPRC, located at 917 S.W. Oak St. in Portland. Well, TvLimit, you too are a member of this one.

"#2. You must be a resident of any U.S. state or U.S. territory EXCEPT Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania or Texas. Sorry, but at this time, if we receive any mail from Alabama,
California, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania or Texas we will return it unopened."

What's wrong with this? This is very funny; these states have a very high percentage of hispanic populations than in other states. Racism? Ethnocentrism? Oppression?

"#1. You must be a female who is 18 years or older. If you, or any member of your group is not over 18 years of age, the underage person MUST bring the underage person's parent or legal
guardian with them to the recording session if you or they intend to record any songs with our group."

What about "ageism" or "sexism"?

"DSAME believes in female empowerment. Thus, in order for you to be a member of the BNB you must be a female or your entire band must be females."

You'd be appalled if I switched the world "female" with "European", "white" or "male."

Read this: DSAME believes in European-American male empowerment. Thus, in order for you to be a member of the BNB you must be a white European-American male or your entire band must be white European-American males."

It is just amazing to see all this.

Semper fidelis,


American Patriotic Committee for the Salvation and Progress of the Fatherland, U

i dont get it 10.Apr.2003 21:11

andrea uehara

sorry, i just dont understand what is going on here....what it looks like to me is that there is someone who has a personal vendetta against IPRC

it seems to me there are a lot more important things to get upset about in this world right now....

the person who is doing has this personal issue with IPRC should not expect me to bother getting involved with their imagined injustices

I for one will not even bother reading any of the postings about this in the future, since John Doe does not seem to me to have been able to communicate credibly in his postings.

Sorry you just arent making sense to me.