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Emergency Action to Save America's Wolves

America's wolves are in grave danger!

Interior Secretary Gale Norton has taken the first step to remove federal protections for Northern gray wolves
Emergency Action to Save America's Wolves
Emergency Action to Save America's Wolves
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has just released a rule that dramatically reduces federal protections for wolves and sets the stage for prematurely removing these wolves from Endangered Species Act protections entirely. This action would literally turn back the clock to a time when government officials actively promoted the wolf's extermination.

Wolves are only beginning to recover from almost a century of slaughter and near extinction in the lower 48 states. Without the Endangered Species Act many wolves have little hope for survival. Many states -- especially those surrounding Yellowstone National Park -- are taking actions that threaten the live of these wolves.

The reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone is considered by many to be one of the greatest wildlife conservation victories of the 20th century. Now, should Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, other anti-wolf politicians and special interests prevail, the Yellowstone wolves -- and wolves throughout the U.S. -- could be slaughtered.

We need your support now to mobilize our grassroots networks, offset the high costs of this campaign to educate the public, stop this action in the courts and step up all our efforts to protect wolves and other endangered wildlife.

We are already planning to take legal action to protect America's wolves. Please take a moment to donate at  http://defenders.spacely.com/alerts/Action.cfm?a=8&amporgid=wdn and sign the online legal letter of support at  http://defenders.spacely.com/alerts/Action.cfm?a=20&amporgid=wdn . Your letter will demonstrate the citizen support we need to win in court.

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