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Portland Peace Encampment Given 24 hours Notice by Police

The Portland Peace Encampment was given 24 hour notice at 1:30pm Thursdy April 10th that it was in violation of the Public Camping ordinance. All equipment, including chairs must be moved out by 1:30pm Friday. I will take this sitting down. I will also peacefully cooperate with the police if they decide to cite or arrest me. The Peace Camp requests peaceful observers and both corporate and independent media to video and witness the proceedings.
According to Rozie Sizer, Commander of Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct, the Portland Peace Encampment across from Portland City Hall at SE 4th & Jefferson was notified at 1:30pm Thursday April 10th, 2003 that we were in violation of the Public Camping Ordinance. We have 24 hours to pack up everything, including chairs and move it out.

I plan to take this sitting down. After talking with attorneys Allen Graf of the National Lawyers Guild and Mark Jolin who is an expert on the Public Camping Ordinance, I will peacefully cooperate with the police if they decide to cite or arrest me and will urge anyone else there to also peacefully cooperate. I have left a messages with Cmdr. Sizer stating this and have since talked to Sgt. Miller, the Central Precinct evening supervisor, in person. I have been assured by Sgt. Miller that the police will not move in early, as they did with the Dignity Village Protest Camp after September 11th, 2001.

The Peace Camp requests peaceful observers and both corporate and independent media to video and witness the proceedings. The 24 hour notice is set to expire at 1:30 pm Friday April 11th, 2003.

Thank you all for the help and support shown to the Portland Peace Encampment.

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Solidarity 10.Apr.2003 19:32


I don't know why you want the corporate media there, though. All they're gonna do is portray you as a bunch of disruptive hooligans while they talk about how lenient the cops have been letting you stay so long. Meanwhile, they will ignore the eggregious violations of your civil and human rights that will ensue as the police use chemical weapons and pain compliance holds on you.

The corporate media is not your friend. They lie, they will always lie to support the status quo.

except... 10.Apr.2003 21:47

The One True b!X

Except that the local corporate press has tended to be positive towards the Peace Camp.

corporate media 10.Apr.2003 23:15


the corporate media has, for the most part, been pretty accurate with the peace encampment, thus far. after all, in an environment where the police have arrested, cited, and frequently abused peaceful protestors in the city in recent weeks, the peace encampment has been 110% agreeable to everything the city and the authorities have demanded of them since day 1.

when told to get rid of the tents by the federal cops, the peace encampment vigilkeepers said, "consider it done."

when told to stop sleeping on the grass of terry schrunk park, they said, "right-o."

when told that they could not even walk on the grass or sit under the one tree near the sidewalk, they said, "we'll move completely onto the sidewalk."

when told that they must move a small storage structure used to keep food and informational fliers dry, it was gone the next day.

the only thing the peace encampment has NOT done is leave. as one 'camper' told me tonight, if he has to stand in the rain night and day, he''ll be there. if he has to stay there naked and chained, he will be here.

after all, he said, it is about the killing that is being done in our name, and the fact that our 'leaders' are throwing away the constitutional right to speak freely, that started the peace encampment in the first place.

it remains to be seen what the 'authorities'' next step will be, but we should all hope that they do not turn this peaceful, silent vigil into a scene of violence.

if the corporate chooses to be there, and presents the story 'fairly and accurately', i think they are welcome.

of course, the independent, alternative media should also be there front and center to make sure the peace encampment is both protected and publicized as one tactic against the war that has a tremendous amount of public support.