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Face this fact
President Bush is in the white house because of a ruling by the supreme court. In Roe vs Wade that same body made abortion legal. If the supreme court doesn't count then abortion is illegal.
Finally 10.Apr.2003 16:50


wow finally you admit that W is in the White House ilegally. At least its a start.

there's more - you are misinformed 10.Apr.2003 16:56


why don't you research the votes that were not counted in both Florida as well as absentee votes, and that's just the beginning of the shennanigans that Bush's hoodlums pulled off.

. 10.Apr.2003 17:03


Bush and his brther conspired along with K Harris to illegally defraud almost 100,000 mostly black and hispanic voters. If these voters had been allowed to vote as was their constitutional right, there would not have been a Supreme Court decision.

That is why he is accused of stealing the election. Cause he is a cheat, a betrayer of the Constitution and has no honor. Bush is not fit for any office.

To Finaly 10.Apr.2003 17:08


It appears you think 1 + 4 = 2

Bush fixed the election 10.Apr.2003 17:10

Orwell's long lost cousin

The whole reason the Supreme Court had to appoint Bush as King, er, pResident, was the Bush campaign purged the election rolls in Florida of some 94,000 legal voters. These voters were mostly black, democrats. If this rigging of the election had not occured, Gore would have won the whole thing by a landslide. Instead, we have a moron in the White House, that has made America hated by the whole world.

The purge was done by ChoicePoint, a database management company with heavy Republican ties, that Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris selected to do the dirty work. ChoicePoint even told the Florida officials the purging would delete tens of thousand legal voters from the voter rolls. Jeb and Katherine said do it anyway. This was a calculated, premeditative fixing of the election. If Gore had done what Bush did in fixing the election and the resultant fiasco that followed, you right wing wackos would have raised a big ruckus. Who knows what your right wing wackos would have done if Gore had won?

Now does anybody think we have fair and free elections anymore? Skip the fact that the corporations buy the elections with all their money. Now if they can't control the election by throwing money at it, they will fix it in other ways.

Ignorant Sheep 10.Apr.2003 18:32

A die for Oil Sucker, sucker , sucker, sucker

I'll bet if Hitler's brother was the governor of Florida, and helped him get elected, you'd support him too. "All American" Your the ingnorant sheep willing to follow any asshole who buys the election.

Be an American
Fuck Off
Be an American
Go to war
Be a God fearing citizen
And Kill some one

Kill yourself

All of our votes were stolen 10.Apr.2003 22:04

Salmon Girl

It should bother everyone that every single vote in this country, except for those of the supreme court, didn't count in the last election. My vote, your vote - no matter who you voted for, it didn't count. Our rights were trampled and violence was done to the spirit of the constitution.

The 2000 election was not what the founding fathers had in mind when they set up our system of government. The 2000 election was not what so many Americans have died for. It was a disgrace, and if the Democrats had attempted to pull the same thing as the Republicans did, there would have been rioting in the streets. Conservatives, put yourselves in the other's shoes.

Portlander has no clue 10.Apr.2003 23:02


The Supreme Court had absolutely ZERO jurisdiction in the Florida case, and its usurping it provides the basis for the charge of a judicial coup. Obviously, you don't know your Constitution or the corpus of law surrounding it. Hell, you probably think Bush etal have been upholding their oath to "preserve, protect and enforce the Constitution" since they were installed. It's ignorant people like you thimking you're patriotic or something that's driving the country to hell in a hand basket. Do yourself and us all a favor, research your topic before you make an ass out of yourself again.