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Piss take total

We will find weapons of mass destruction before long. They are already on the way to Iraq
Piss take total
Piss take total
The people in Iraq scarcely anything to drink and eat. In Bagdad injured people trudge to the overcrowded hospitals

which have no more drug and scarcely water to clean the operating tables from blood. Ambulance vehicles and the IRK

are under fire by Yanks. Protesters become maltreat by police with wooden bullets and teargas in Oakland. In Bagdad

there was an media show put on with a couple of hundred Iraqis in front of Media-hotel 'Palestine' for the potato

chips eating american henpecked husbands even with the flagg of the occupying force (the banner with 'US Wankers go

home!' and 'Yankees go home'- of course cut off). Dick Cheney identified the whole press as idiots because they are

believing that the 'Palestine' hotel was under fire consciously (there is an operation order for attack and there

are proofs that at this point of time in no case it was shot from hotel and vicinity at U.S. mercenaries). By an

solemn harangue Bush and Blair talk about that this (since two years by Bush planned) war was forced to them (an

unbelievable falsification of history only past three weeks) and promise to the iraqi people freedom and democracy

in terms of Ex General Jay Garner, chief of the armaments manufacturer SY Coleman merged with SY Technology, a fast

friend of Rumsfeld and Ahmad Chalabi (iraqi bankrupt and ward heeler of Rumsfeld).
Meanwhile the US army carry a couple of 'MOAB's' to Iraq, just for fun!
Will there be erased another few thousand people or are this bombs needed for the next threatening gesture against

Syria and Iran?

How nutty one's must be to believe these pack of lies?

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