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and some think IndyMedia folks are paranoid already, wait for this!

story of GPS tracking devices

Surveilance that they can attach to your car and follow you !
ride a bike 10.Apr.2003 15:48


Ride a bike. The GPS things would be more noticable. And you don't need to carry ID. WooHoo!

the revolution will NOT be motorized 10.Apr.2003 16:11

republic of cascadia citizen

viva la revolucion!

viva non-poluting, GPS-free bicycles!

see you in the streets, now and forever!

I'll second that 10.Apr.2003 16:55

I. Protest

I have nightmares about wars like this one; Bush and Cheney have nightmares about people on bikes...

Ride a bike, I'll second that. Or walk. Or thumb. Or board. Or carpool. Or take a bus. Or grow fond of being a culturally-enriched homebody. Or anything that avenges a war for oil being forced on us though belligerence and deception, by actually decreasing oil consumption, one person at a time...

Anything that does that has to be worth a thought, not just because it's good for the environment, or just because they're trying to follow me everywhere I go, but because it also sends a sincere message of protest, however small, right to the very almighty pocketbooks of the war gods. It's not even a mosquito bite out of their grotesque profits, but I dare them not to think it itches...

One More Reason Not to Drive 10.Apr.2003 18:59

Ed Harley

GPS paranoia aside, driving a car vastly increases your chances of coming into contact with police.

and... 10.Apr.2003 21:50


all gov't affairs aside, your chances of getting through any given day without suffering paralytic or fatal injuries go way up if you don't drive.