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Wasn't Me

Police report of a cyclist/police interaction in Seattle, Washington

go man go!

by Charles Mudede

Regicide/Aurora/Sat March 15/9:05 pm:

Tonight a man was contacted for riding a bicycle without lights or
reflectors. As Officer McNulty was issuing a citation in his police car, he
could hear the cyclist becoming very excited and "ranting about this being a
waste of tax dollars." Officer McNulty writes: "The suspect ranted for
several minutes.... I heard him talking about a 'revolution' and a 'civil
war.' When I exited the police car with the citation, the cyclist calmed
down quickly and spoke pleasantly. I asked the suspect what he was so
excited about and the cyclist began talking about the country being 'fucked
up' and in need of some 'serious changes.' He said there was bound to be a
'civil war' and that would 'change things.' I asked if there was anything
about government that he did like. He said, 'No.'

"'You don't even like our president?' I asked. The cyclist then erupted into
a diatribe about President Bush being evil and corrupt. He was angry about
the Iraq situation and how much money the government wastes on war. I asked
how he would change the world to make it a better place. He said, 'Someone
needs to kill Bush.'

"[I] was stunned by this. 'What?' I asked. 'Everyone wants him dead,' the
cyclist said. 'Who would do it?' I asked. 'I would do it!' the cyclist said.
'You would kill the president?' I asked.

"'Fuck yeah, I would if I got the chance!' the cyclist said. I then told the
cyclist that it was a violation of the law to threaten the life of the
president. The cyclist then said he was just 'venting' and he would never
have the chance to follow through with the threat. Sgt. Howard responded to
the scene and screened the incident.

"During the conversation, the cyclist did not exhibit any indications of
intoxication or drug impairment. He was reasonable when he was spoken to
about his bicycle infraction and then more obviously upset when talking
about the U.S. government."
HAW! 10.Apr.2003 15:48

Wasn't me either, but....

Actually, it's against the law -- both international law and laws of morality -- to wage an unjust, illegal, pre-emptive strike on an sovereign nation in a mis-guided attempt to steal their oil too. And it's agains tthe law to fix an election, and to buy off the supreme court, and to move into the whitehouse and live off the american people when they didn't elect you. It's against the law -- and treason -- to use force to subdue the american people in their own streets, with their own police forces. But we can see that we're living in lawless times. This serpent is gonna bite itself in the ass before long. In any event, he's not even the president, so fuck him.

YOU ARE RIGHT ON 10.Apr.2003 17:56


Good statement! Somebody has to fuck him since both Laura and his spanial refuse. That is a sure sign that the man is deranged and can not lead a country let alone his own libido.