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We need to adapt

Protests and what makes them powerfull and effective has changed in the last
weeks and in order to make the best of the huge emerging anti-war movement we
need to examine our stratagy,what has changed and what we need to do
This article is for entertainment purposes only and I am not advocating any
of the ideas contained-so screw you patriot act!

So the world has changed.
The US has ignored the world and created a war in Iraq.
We responded on the day after the bombing started with a ground breaking protest that has changed many
First off this protest was a huge success and we need to reconize this fact
and take pride in our victorys when we can get them.WE DID IT~!
We changed the world (in Portland at least and not in Iraq) and made history
by shutting Portland down for the first time to such a degree.
No city has ever shut down four bridges in one night.And NO one has ever
shut down 3 freeways in the same protest!

This also means that the police reaction to protests has done a virtual 180 in
scope and now will assault kids when they try to cross sidewalks LEGALY and
pepper spray people wih even more abandon then before.

In short we need to change our tactics and even our overall stratagy as what
we are doing right now(Since day of bombin protest) has been fairly ineffective
and been completly shut down by over eager cops.

To some degree it is really amazing that we can have protest,arrests and
pepper spray soaked police brutality almost every day of the week but we also must
understand that for the time being we simply cannot take the streets,do
property destruction or even cross the streets at protests of less than
thousands of people as the police department seems fine with throwing away money
on tons of riot cops and associated thugs/kindly officers.

WE can do all of these things in small spread out groups around the city if
they so not meet together and stay away from the slow moving "rapid responce
ALSO we can still do lock downs in streets if we set them up before the cops
can get there and go nuts on us.
WHAT we cannot do is try to shut down the city or smash things as
unpermitted marchers with less than thousands of protesters.
WE could also reexamine our stratagy and see if shutting the city down is
still a good goal or if property damge should be done at night by small
groups of people rather than at large anti-war demos.
So in summery I would say that we need to examine our stratagy and tactics
and realize that while we need to keep the amazing energy going that we also
need to use new ideas and that activism is more than marching on the side walk
with a black mask on.
If you are willing to get arrested there is far better things that you can be
arrested for than crossing the street to slowly.
Heres some ideas:
*Do small office occupations that do not antagonize anyone but the fucked up
corporation that you are targeting.

*Form an Affinity Group of your friends.

*Use this group to brainstorm new ideas and things that we can do...right

*Be creative-enact your plans,be careful and dont fear the police.

*Hard locks are better than just soft locks,both will get you arrested and
are easy to do if you are faster than your friendly police force.

*Banner drops are really effective ways of getting your message out without
antagonizing the people that we are trying to sway.

*What would happen if the recruitment centers were blitzed with so called 'black
faxes' or had their doors glued shut every morning for a week?

*Avoid large scale protests that the cops are going to know about(anything that
is posted on IMC) to do these tactics but try to link them together- what about
a banner drop over the PPRC rally?

*There is also a rumor going around that there is a large number of people
starting to tag the words UNITE RESIST on everything as a way of showing
soliderity with all of the anti-war/anti-globalization protests around the

First off this protest was a huge success? 10.Apr.2003 13:59


I'm just wondering how you figure the protests are a success, let alone a huge success?

To me success means to succeed at what you are attempting to do.

From where I sit, the protests set the peace movement back a decade, if not worse.

Saddam has had better military successes that this.

I've I'm wrong, tell me why?

Where is the success?

If the word success has been redefined, please let me know.

how the day of bombing was a success 10.Apr.2003 15:13


we warned people that the day the US stepped up its war on the people of Iraq, we would shut the city down.
We did as we announced we would do, and we did it with a diversity of tactics where there were no people breaking shit near peacefully sitting protesters, etc.
we joined in solidarity with dozens of cities across the nation and hundreds of cities across the world who rose up in anger [yes, anger] at the government of the united states and love for the oppressed people of the world.

but we do need to realize that it is probably no longer our goal to snarl traffic. now it is time to bring the economic death-machine to a halt. it is time to shut down buildings of defense contracters, costing them thousands of dollars a day, by locking yourself to their door [and hey, why not all of their doors?] -before- employees show up for the day.

it is the time to shout things out loudly in the streets. it is the time to hold personally accountable the people either economically funding or being funded by the war, as well as government officials without the fuckin guts to actually hold to what the claimed they believe.

it's time to only shop at openly and loudly anti-war shops [since you all seem to -insist- on continuing to shop] and to make it clear to everyone around you that your intention is to use your economic priviledge in a socially progressive manner.

it's time to block military shipments at the docks, like they are doing in san fransisco.

all of you people who seem to think that the electoral process is useful, that our 'democracy' is actually a democracy, to prove it. by going through the steps to impeach the president, by going through the steps to hold the city officials accountable for being so easily swayed by the portland business alliance.

speaking of the portland business alliance, its time to hold them responsible.
-but- it is important that people do the research to realize that not every business in the PBA voted to send a pro-war memo to the city government. find out who did and who didn't.

remember a diversity of tactics. don't condemn property destruction when you -know- that they really were targetting to do economic damage to someone who really, honestly, deserves it. but don't condemn people who really just want to hold signs to try and let people know whats up. sign-holders - picket pro-war businesses!
shit-fucker-uppers - target carefully, and dont get caught

affinity group structures are beautiful for all kinds of levels of involvement, and don't let anyone consider you on a 'lower' level of involvement if you dont want to lock down or throw bricks.

the protests did prove one thing 10.Apr.2003 17:03


the world now knows that we live in a growing fascist state where its leaders ignore the masses.

new strategy 10.Apr.2003 22:46


pre-emptive, never-ending war needs
pre-emptive, sustainable organizng.

we need to think ahead and make the next issue relevant before they do, before they even mention it. that is their fear: that a global resistance moves before they begin to, before they even mention it. they may down play us publicly, but we've hit a nerve.

read Strategic Information Warfare [RAND Corp., 1996]


it outlines how they respond to dissent through "perception management," and the very real threat defense analysts know civil opposition poses to their war plans. it also gives us a few hints about where we are the most effective.

by thinking ahead to the next phase of military action, we can take away their initiative. we need to have february 15th scale mobilizations in response to plans being laid for the next round of invasions. don't know where it might come? don't know when it will happen?

then read Rebuilding America's Defenses [PNAC, 2000]


prepared for neo-conservative think-tank, the Project for a New American Century, this document provides a blueprint for U.S. global hegemony. everything from developing a new series of tactical nuclear weapons (to be used in a first strike capability) to a "to do" list of countries open for invasion, including iraq, iran and north korea. (sound familiar? keep in mind this was written an entire year before september 11th 2001 and 16 months before bush's axis of evil speech.)

not to mention the second upcoming patriot act.
so-called protesters need to be shaken of the assumption that the war has ended when saddam is toppled, that the bombing will stop when al qaeda is scattered or imprisoned, that eventually, this will all just go away on its own and we at least can rest knowing we stood for something.
no, we can't rest. not while war continues.

but that perhaps is the difference between petition and revolution. tom paine wrote of "summer soldiers" and "sunshine patriots" in THE CRISIS during the american revolution, which easily applies to our predicament today.

"what we obtain too cheap," he wrote, "we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated."

how much are you willing to risk for your freedom?
how much are you willing to think for your freedom?
what are you willing to question?
what are you willing to give up?

know your enemy!

organize, raise hell and liberate, you motherfuckers!

responce... 11.Apr.2003 13:24

Countzero countzero@ziplip.com

I agree that it is hard to see how our actions have been effective-hard to see for about three seconds.
We have raised this issue in the public eye more than ever before.
"We" did what our goals were far better than exspected-three freeways!
And we made at least one city aware that the people were opposed to the continued assault on Iraq.

One other thing-I would like to know about how protesters have shut down docks in SF as that is something that we can (somewhat) easily do here...