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Thousands Rally at Ground Zero

Those poor, oppressed, workers are in the streets in support of the war? Rallying with those Greedy Republicans? But I thought they were waiting with bated breath for the wobblies and the anarchists to free the necks of wage slaves from the boot of their corporate Republican overlords!!
NEW YORK Thousands of union workers bearing American flags and homemade signs packed a rally at ground zero Thursday to show their support for U.S. military efforts in Iraq.

The rally stretched for several blocks north from the World Trade Center site. Carpenters, electricians and firefighters chanted "USA! USA!" as labor leaders and politicians addressed the crowd.

Many speakers and participants described the war as a natural outcome of the World Trade Center attack, drawing little distinction between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

"The war started right here on Sept. 11, 2001," Gov. George Pataki said.

"We were here!" shouted carpenter Jimmy Nolan, waving a pole bearing an American flag and a yellow flag with the image of a yellow ribbon.

Nolan said he spent 11 months excavating the site and repairing shattered windows in surrounding buildings after the terrorist attack on the twin towers.

Like many in the crowd, he said he saw the union-sponsored lunchtime rally as a counterpoint to anti-war demonstrations that have drawn hundreds of thousands to New York streets and parks.

"We got tired of those protesters always arguing against the war," he said.

A sea of hard hats and red-white-and-blue bandanas stretched along West Street from the trade center site, where workers building a temporary PATH train station at the site sat watching the rally from a fence overlooking the crowd.

"There's more people here than in my home state of Kansas," former Republican Sen. Bob Dole said.

Dozens of firefighters in bunker gear were scattered about the construction workers.

"This is where the war started," said fire Lt. Kenny O'Brien, whose Harlem firehouse lost two members in the terrorist attack. "This is the most appropriate spot in the world to make this statement.

Many in the crowd were veterans or relatives of service members on duty in Iraq. Some carried pictures of their family members in uniform. Others carried Marine Corps and other military banners.

"I was in Vietnam and we never had support like this," said sheetmetal worker Jim Pruitt.

The rally was sponsored by the Building & Construction Trades Council of Greater New York.

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hey 10.Apr.2003 15:37

you got it all wrong

'wobblies and anarchists' ?

wobblies ARE anarchists.

as for the fuckin sheep who think that saddam is osama, well, they do have something in common - the US armed them both.

Hmmmmmm? 10.Apr.2003 15:54

ALex Zeisberg

I wonder if those guys got beat by hundreds of police officers in riot gear? I wonder if they got sprayed with peper spray?
Now just becouse they are supporting our "leader/dictator" they dont get hurt or sprayed. I think this world is unfair. I just want to point that out.


They are obeying the law and being heard 10.Apr.2003 17:10


Hey Alex, the reason why this rally is not being targeted are many:

1. The organizers of the rally are named in the last sentence of the article. This means that they applied and paid for, a permit to rally.

2. The fact that they got permits means that the organizers are taking responsibility for the amount of work the city is required to perform for the rally, ie., costs of clean-up, on-duty cops for crowd control, etc.

3. The rally goers are not hitting cops, punching police horses, blocking traffic, jumping on the hoods of cars, spitting at drivers, or otherwise being disorderly/violent.

4. Nobody is threatening police/the public by carrying banners saying things like "All Bets Are Off"

5. These rally goers are not staging die-ins or blocking roads and bridges, yet their message is still getting out.

In other words: This is what a peaceful demonstration looks like!

Hey Yourself 10.Apr.2003 17:24

got it all wrong

Not all anarchists are wobblies.

trade unionists at the Reichstag site 10.Apr.2003 17:25


I suspect there were many trade unionists at the second Reichstag fire commemoration, too. And the point is?...

Big Deal 10.Apr.2003 18:24

Ed Harley

Rallying in support of the most powerful economic and military-industrial power the earth has ever known sure takes a lot of courage... about the same amount you need to buy a can of soda from a vending machine.

Many, many Americans are utterly brainwashed and incapable of critical thought - this is just more evidence of that fact.

oh jesus 10.Apr.2003 23:44

gimme a break

leave it to the average amerikan consumer to rally behind a war against people who never did anything to the united states except get in the way of our dictators' weapons of mass destruction.

even the survivors of 911 do not support this war because they know we are killing an innocent people who had nothing to do with the attacks on new york and virginia.

the war is a slur on the names of the innocent american and foreign victims who lost their lives on september 11.

'no one is blinder than he who will not see.'