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FORUM "Crisis in Venezuela" April 10 at 6:00 PM

One Year After the Coup
Forum "Crisis in Venezuela"

Panel Presentations
Documentary film and discussion
One Year After the Coup
Forum "Crisis in Venezuela"

Monica DeHart- SOAN, Visiting Asst. Prof.
Leslie Elliott Armijo, International Affairs, Visiting Asst. Prof.
Representative, Círculo Bolivariano de Oregon

Followed by a documentary film and discussion

Thursday, April 10 at 6 pm
Miller 105, Lewis & Clark Campus

Free and Open to the Public
Sponsored by Latin American Studies

Come and give support to Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution
Another Film about media bias and Venezuela 10.Apr.2003 16:43


Kim Bartley & Donnacha O'Briain, Ireland, 2002

Check  http://www.chavezthefilm.com/index_ex.htm
An intimate profile of the charismatic and unconventional Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the coup attempt against him and his dramatic return to power some 48 hours latter.

Commissioner's Comment
Nick Fraser
Storyville Series Editor

When a coup was launched in April 2002 against Hugo Chavez, the elected President of Venezuela, some young Irish filmmakers were lucky enough to be on hand to witness the events.

They were actually inside the Presidential Palace - a filmmakers' dream - when the soldiers came to take Chavez away. But they were also there 48 hours later when the same soldiers switched sides reinstalling the president.

The result is a brilliant piece of journalism but it is also an astonishing portrait of the balance of forces in Venezuela. On one side stand the Versace wearing classes, rich from many decades of oil revenues, and on the other the poor in their barrios and those within the armed forces who support Chavez.

The media, who ought to be merely reporting the conflict splitting the country down the middle, are in fact adjuncts of the coup-makers.

Watch this film and you may truly for the first time in your life understand the term media bias.

its incredible 10.Apr.2003 20:58


do a search for Chevez online and you will come up with articles describing him as a psycho, maniac, tyrant, dictator, and these are the "news" articles; nevermind the editorials. Even as distant as the US, the press is relentlessly smearing this man, whose saga as a champion of the poor is nothing but heroic.