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Bush/Blair Propaganda Lies to Iraqis

The latest in the propaganda machine in Iraq has Bush and Blair giving a televised message going on about how 'coalition' forces are 'liberating' Iraq. You can catch the text at your (non)favorite corporate media outlet.

The most glaring line is from Blair:

"We did not want this war. But in refusing to give up his weapons of mass destruction, Saddam gave us no choice but to act."

So, uh, to paraphrase: Where's the beef?

And Bush's:

"We will help you build a peaceful and representative government that protects the rights of all citizens. And then our military forces will leave."

Just like in Korea, Germany, Philippines, Japan, etc.....
Protect the Rights of All Citizens. 10.Apr.2003 13:16

Bohemian guy

Yeah right, scrub jr.(ie;bush,war monger,liar) is going to protect the rights of all Iraqi's. When he is the one that is taking away all the rights of the people in the US through the "Patriot Act" and now is trying to take away the sunset provisions of the act. As far as the military leaving after they have secured the oil for all of scrub's cronies, you can bet that there will be a permanent base in Iraq in order to have a base to democratize the rest of the Middle East. But you can be sure that Israel will continue with the status quo. Iraq is only the stepping stone for the neocons to force the world to there way of The New World Order. Let us not forget that the ruse of WMD was just that, this war was planned long before 9/11.