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The men who tore down the statue were not locals, but men who flew in with Ahmed Chalabi!  http://www.democraticunderground.com/duforum/DCForumID66/17554.html
by voxfux

You're being LIED to...

They expect us to believe that there happened to be this confluence of a smattering of
listless Iraqis at the juncture of this symbolic US inroad to Baghdad's Liberation Square
and that sudenly this big rope comes literally out of thin air (I guess they always keep
spools of giant rope at the base of Saddam statues just in case) and next thing thing
you know the Iraqis are pulling down Saddam's statue. Well almost. There really wasn't
a lot of umpf in the crowd. Mostly kids and like, unemployed guys. Then an American
soldier decided to wrap an American flag around Saddam's head. Word came down
from Centcom, "Nix the American flag, not good symbolism at the moment. An Iraqi flag
quickly went up.

This crap is reminiscent of the staged mock pro war rallies here in the United States,
the CIA with their public relations giants staged a patently mock liberation rally. If it
wasn't so phony it would be laughable, but it was disgusting - It's a lie. The CIA organized this mornings take down of the Saddam
statue in Baghdad's Liberation Square as another FAKE OUT. In this city of over 5 million people the CIA brought in about sixty of what
appeared to be poor Shiite kids, various and sundry Iraqi dregs and a few delinquents but mostly news paparazzi with Betacam crews,
for a photo-op which CNN quickly called the most, "indelible," moment of the great liberation. Too bad it was a staged MOCK event you
lying CNN reptile.

This, "massive," crowd of about sixty or seventy descended on Liberation Square for another in a long line of lies, and psy-ops and
disinformation, designed to fake us all out. CNN kept the camera angle close up on their web coverage because if they pulled too far
out you noticed that there weren't a whole lot of people there for this fake out, "liberation."

It's Iwo Jima time!
About four hours before the statue was actually pulled down by a group of listless Iraqis, one of those plastic CNN news hairdos with
some general said that so far, the images were of US tanks tearing the Saddam statues down and that it would be nice for the world to
see some arabic looking people tearing down some statues so that CNN (CIA) (Bush Administration) could say, "I told you so".

And so Central Command brought in a heavily defended column of tanks and moved in for the big publicity stunt. Not even coming
close to a real occupation of the city yet they took this little park and pulled out the cameras. There were more news crews in Liberation
Square then Iraqi people. But hey who would even notice, right? After all, aren't American's brains so numbed after being so
systematically lied to year after year by lie after lie that in the LieWorld such publicity stunts really take on a sense of really being there,
especially with all that triumphant militaristic theme music, right?

Wrong. Only dumb believe CNN - all smart people know that everything said on that channel is lies everything - including the part
where some reptile with a hairdo and way too much self tanning cream says good morning - that is a lie too - it is a fucked up morning
in CNN land.

Every morning in CNN's world is a morning full of lies. Same with the afternoon and evening.

Yea, but what about all those Shiites? They seemed pretty jubilant during their little, "Liberation Looting Spree," in East Baghdad?
Remember that one shot that they played over and over again - It looked like the guy, sort of, humped for a second, the poster of
Saddam Hussein? Did anybody catch that? Anyway, they appeared to be having such joy as they tore up Saddam's Posters? Doesn't it
feel like liberation? See! We told you so, right?


Lets put it this way, if an errant Iraqi scud missile caught the gulf stream and nailed Bush in his LieHole (his mouth) there's a fair
amount of evidence that there would be nearly 100 million people in the streets of America celebrating - Let's make that perfectly clear.
Secondly those same Iraqis who are tearing up Saddam's posters and throwing flowers at US troops are the same people next year or
maybe even next week who are going to be throwing grenades and molotave cocktails, at American troops. Anyway Iraq is not really
set up to be a whore house, so why would the military want to be there one day more than they have to? If you get your information
from CNN you live in a dreamy dreamy lie land, where we are the hero's and liberators and they are the darker skinned evil ones. The
rambo novelty is going to wear off in about a week and a half. Bush has entered the American people in the most expensive debaucle
in decades because one of two things is going to happen. 1) We will have to pacify the people of Iraq with material goods which will
work as long as the US keeps delivering material goods, food stuffs and eventually consumer electronics and designer sneakers to the
entire Iraqi population in order to pacify them. This plan is basically the same thing that Bush did when he fucked our economy in his
first year - He dipped into the surplus and gave everyone a BIG FAT....three hundred dollar check. So this first plan is going to be
expensive. -or- 2) Get caught in a quagmire where US soldiers become the policeman of Iraq and there is constant casualties on both
sides punctuated by accidental mass slaudering by the US forces of like school busses full of children or something, basically US
becoming the next Isreal. A billegerant millitaristic much hated state.

But already Bush is actually the only person in this world more hated than Saddam Hussein.

Do the math - Bush is the most despised man on earth, ever. Meaning, that more human beings now despise George Bush than ever
despised and hated any one man in the history of hated men. Hitler was never as hated by so many then Bush currently is. And that
hatred of this one man, Bush and his gang of war profiteers and war criminals, will translate into direct attacks on American citizens
and not on Bush. Bush knows that there will always be a hardened bunker for himself and his family but for the rest of us - we will face
the fire that Bush has ignited.

The Bush criminal gang think they can fool the world with all these lies. The US government now is government by lies. Our foreign
policy is a foreign policy of lies, payoffs, and coercion. The US Senate are like lying sheep. The Democrats are looking like dying
lambs. Our domestic policy is about lies. Our media - total lies. Our social agenda is based on lies. The New World Order liars think
they can conquer the world with lies and fake outs and mock rallies and fake polls, and fake news, and stolen elections, and new
improved electronic voting machines featuring zero auditability, a totally lying and complicit monopoly media and now, staged bogus
rallies where those we vanquish are proped up for the camera to hand us video bouquets as we drive by in ou White Hummer and
eyeball their women. Soon it will be 3D photorealistic yet 100% synthetic vanquished digital third world people handing us completely
digitized 100% synthetic photorealistic threats. Simulated and ultra lifelike fake humaniod 3D staged bogus threats. Fantastic lying
exciting new bogus threats. Adreanaline rushes of fear and lies. Soothing lying comforting velvety lies. Lies LyiNg FaKE FeaR LiEs. LiE
FEar lIe FaKe liE liaRS Lies. Welcome to Bushes New World Order.

It's not the America I remenber. It's a fucking lie from start to finish.

No doubt Saddam Hussein was a major scumbag, but he was a scumbag of our creation, like the rest. Our brutal lever in the vital oil
rich region. No doubt it would be nice if we cleaned up our mess and removed him from power - After all, WE PUT HIM THERE and
eagerly kept him there to brutalize those people. We sold him chemicals and Bushes father sold him weaponry and gave him hundreds
of millions of dollars of US taxpayer funds to keep him alive and healthy - and to keep those bio weapons we got him hooked on, in
good working order.

With absolute certainty there will be genuine outpourings of joy - this is a certainty - but that staged Liberation Square mis-step event
was not it. That was not liberation day for the Iraqi people. They will have to endure many more years of bloodshed and despair. A big
F-minus goes out to the imagecrafters of the empire for the piss poor dramatic moment "piece of shit" STAGED STATUE EVENT that
the CIA and thier not so clever public relations group just blurted out. There was a couple of kids at the base of the statue who could
barely lift the sledge hammer to strike it.

Saddam was OUR boy, through and through. Will there be jubilation when we kill our own agent? You better believe it, the Iraqis hate
this former CIA asset, but no where in the world would there be a bigger celebration and jubilation then if it were Bush on the receiving
end of a smart bomb for a change. The entire planet Earth would breath a sigh of relief if he succombed to a pretzel or been sent to
prison for war crimes and war profiteering.

There are other people out there on this same planet. Ask anyone in China or Russia or Africa or Latin America or the Islamic world or
any Arab (Even Arab princes who usually lick boot but who are themselves acutely aware that they are on borrowed time), or New
York, or the big cities in America, or the fuckin' Coast of Labrador or even remote Baffin Island for that matter if they would rather see
George Bush choke to death on a pretzel then see Saddam brought to justice. I promise you the overwhelming majority would root for
the pretzel. If you, "Believe," otherwise, well, congratulations, you are living in a dreamworld and are in serious need of TURNING OFF

Bush sucks! Forever!

I hate his fucking guts.

How's that for journalistic objectivity?

And if you love your family and if you love freedom you better keep that feeling of this evil man at the forefront, and don't be fooled. It is
easy to be suckered by the slick 3D graphics and clever camera angles and dumb smiling newsreaders, and MOCK, STAGED events
that fool the eye and boggle the mind. Trust me the Iraqis hate Bush as much as they hate Saddam Hussein no matter how many
impoverished Iraqis they throw in front of the camera with flowers shouting I love Bush.

Like I said, if Bush choked to death on a pretzel MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WOULD BE ECSTATIC. So fake rallies with Iraqis throwing
flowers proves nothing. They will be throwing insults bombs and bullets and grenades at our troops the first chance they get.

So, wake up and take your world back -

Right now the most critical action item I believe is the next presidential election. For it is being set up right now to be the most naked
power grab the world has ever seen. The overwhelming majority are going to vote Bush out of office. However, fraudulent push polling
will appear out of thin air showing staggering support for Bush. The push polling and other techniques will not work this time. And that
is why the focus in the Rove inner circle is almost assuredly, "How are we going to steal this 2004 election?" The Republicans with their
CIA counterparts already have their plan in place by now. Absolutely - Positively, Rove has a theft plan because he knows that it is a
STATISTICAL IMPOSSIBILITY at this point that Bush could be re-elected. We all hate bush. He is un-electable in 2004. With this
economy and this bullshit war that very few support all statistical data points to a shift to the Democrats in 2004. (almost 80% are going
to vote for whatever shmuck that the Democrats throw up) But do know something? Deals are being cut now and the end run for the
election theft of 2004 is a completed deal. The what ballot boxes that are left will be sequestered (Thats what Homeland Security is for
- you'll see the interesting unexpected role Homeland security will play at the polling places come next election - maybe we'll be in "red
alert" and only allowed out to vote in phases. The media is going to go along for the ride and report ZERO voting irregularities yet
nearly every single independent news entity will be receiving tidal waves of evidence of massive election fraud. The major media (CIA)
will then conduct a poll which says that Americans are tired of all these unpatriotic people contesting elections all the time and that
these unpatriotic people who can't take losing a fair election should go to another country or something. I mean after all Bush is our
protector. He's a hero.

Welcome to the New World Order
Know your enemy
Don't believe his lies


P.S. CNN's Martin Savidge is to Action Reporting as Pierce Brosnan is to James Bond (ie. Not the real thing) Vox nicknames Martin
Savidge, "Action Lite" And the morning yuppie guy is a yuppie climber. Arron Brown is mentally retarded and needs to wipe that stupid
half smirk off his face. Ditto for yuppy guy, wipe the smirks off guys, thousands of dead young iraqi kids is nothing to smirk about. As for
the two sun tanned lizzards with hairdos, well that's about it. CNN has about 60 people on staff just to keep these lizzards tounges from
recoiling and smashing the teleprompters. The lizzard opposite yuppie boy seriously reminds me of a moray eel. Don't tell her this or
circulate it around the office faxes because she'e kind of self conscious about it. She asks herself is she sexy or morayish. Don't let her
know the truth. And while speaking about the truth it brings us to Wolf (the LIE) Blitzer. If there is ever a truth in his Blitz of lies, trust me
it is only what's called a "control truth." Basically they throw some banal meaningless truth in order to sync up with viewers pre-known
banal meaningless truths and then they piggyback a whole heap of lies on the credibility of the link they formed by reinforcing one of
your preconcieved prejudices establishing the linkage with the viewer of a known truth, however banal and useless the chosen control
truth may be. The control truths allow the controler to calibrate his Lie Transmitter and sync up with his target lie consumer.
Why do I dislike all of these people? Because they are liars. And as willing instruments of the big lie they are fair game. I simply despise
DON'T 10.Apr.2003 12:47


mess with texas!

well, of course 10.Apr.2003 13:30


Here we go agan with the trolls falling for CNN/FOX/Oregonian ad nauseaum. Of course it was staged, as well as the entire reporting of this war. You haven't heard the end of this.