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imperialism & war


I can't believe the events that have been staged for the media in Iraq. I really feel sick about it. It seems now that the media is also used as a weapon of war. How can we believe anything ever again? Anything can now be done to the American people or in their name if the Government sees it as a SECURITY issue.
no? 10.Apr.2003 10:33


I've heard those groups "celebrating in the streets" were paid by CIA (in at least one case), but haven't seen any credible evidence. What is more likely is not that there is some CIA thing to get them to celebrate, but that there are actually some Iraqis celebrating ... the only problem is, this seems to be what the media mostly covers, and not any of the civilians who are angry or upset with us in Iraq and other countries.

Somewhat 10.Apr.2003 11:03


There have been a lot of reports of several incidents being "exaggerated", but staged? If you exaggerate the other way, you lose the high ground..


This is the kind of crap that makes me wish it were staged, though.

Fox News? 10.Apr.2003 11:26

Zak Attack

Are you really offering FOX News a source of information? You might as well as not even posted your comment. Fox News? For real?

you people are bonkers. 10.Apr.2003 11:49


your brains are squirming like a toad to justify that.

All a "Hollywood" Trick 10.Apr.2003 22:47

Information Minister

It is all Hollywood, Zionest trick...special effect of movie to be making. American troop still afraid in Kuwait, turned back by fierce Republican Guard. Not to be believing propoganda lies of American pig devils - it is all lies, return to your homes there not to be anything to be seeing here. Long live Saddam, or George Bush if they catch me.