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Frankenstein meets Alice in Wonderland

Frankenstein meets Alice in wonderland ......
Something really strange is happening in this war you guys.... I first picked it up on www.whatreallyhappened.com when Mike commented about the strange comment Rumsfeld made about denying a cease fire agreement in Baghdad a few days after the war. Right now I can't find that article (WRH has a dead link to the april archive)

It just doesn't make sense that the Baghdad would fall so quickly.

Then I found this article:

Baghdad cheers regime fall, but where is Saddam?

and this paragraph:

But the Moscow correspondent of Arab news channel al-Jazeera quoted a Russian source as saying a U.S.-Iraqi deal for a cease-fire was in the works, and that Saddam's safe exit from Baghdad had been assured in return for a halt to Iraqi resistance. The source, a ranking military intelligence officer, said CIA elements who were in Baghdad before the start of the war were trying to arrange the deal, al-Jazeera reported.

The CIA elements were trying to work this out before the start of the war????

Is it possible that Saddam may still be a CIA asset? Even after 20-30 years?
and was this "war" just an international public relations stunt to boost US imperialism only in the minds of the people? Is the US trying break the wills of the anti-war protestors and american people, and build pseudo-confidence in the minds of its citizens for an even bigger, yet unspeakable, disaster?

Also, I find the meeting between Condoleezza Rice and Russian officals very suspious.

For example... many sites have the same article but different days when Rice arrived... Was it Monday or Sunday? Perhaps this is just a time difference in the way international news is reported, but two different US news site said different things. (is it standard procedure not to check for date differences between timezones?)

Why did www1.iraqwar.ru suddenly go down ?

 http://www.aeronautics.ru/news/news002/iraqwar_ru_024.htm had this quote

"Today at 5pm a phone conversation between president of Russia Vladimir Putin and president of the USA George W. Bush took place. Before this conversation, his assistant for National Security Affairs Condoleezza Rice, who came into Moscow today, had consulted Bush. At this time Rice is meeting Igor Ivanov, the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The details of this meeting are unknown so far, but we can suppose that very soon some "unknown squadrons" will be made responsible for the incident and the situation will be dampened to the maximum. "

What did Bush talk to Putin about? How come this wasn't in the mainstream press?

Then, in this article,


"On the meeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice they agreed "to forget about this regrettable indicent" and "prevent any impact on the Russian-American partnership"...

" The... Americans ... carefully examine[d] the diplomats' cars and accompanied baggage. The Russian Foreign Ministry and the high-ranking officials keep silent. "

Was Saddam in that convoy?

... The last GRU analysis has this quote before being shut down.

"Apart from that, our actions meet increasing opposition from the official quarts and in fact are turning into confrontation the outcome of which is not difficult to forecast."

So the government shut it down... Why? A few days ago they said that Iraq had 90-100,000 troops and that the main battles haven't even been fought yet. Is this how future wars will be fought? Is this what they ment by information warfare?

address: address: http://www.helenair.com/articles/2003/04/10/iraq/a02041003_04.txt