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Jennifer Aniston

Good for her.
I just heard that Jennifer Anniston said "George Bust is a *Bleeping idiot*. Goof for her. She should move to Portland.
or Syria 10.Apr.2003 10:06


Or she might move to Syria. I hear it's very tolerant of political dissent there.

George Bust? 10.Apr.2003 10:47

Hollywood 'Stars' - Who Fucking Cares?

one idiot mocking another

So 10.Apr.2003 10:51


in your world, she shoudln't have the right to dissent, but should move to Syria. Maybe you should move there.

who? 10.Apr.2003 11:50


who is that? someone important or just another 3rd rate part-time actor?

Whats important... 10.Apr.2003 13:23


Regardless of of your personal feeling about Ms. Aniston, it cannot be denied that she is admired, and well-known by a good solid majority of Americans. And while those of us who prefer higher quality programs (or none at all!) may not care to hear what she has to say, those who enjoy "Friends" will listen eagerly (and come on folks- we know they're out there- its syndicated on how many channels, in how many languages now?. Understandably, most of those who post here at INDYmedia understand and thus abhore the influence mass media has over people, so we have to remember that it works because it appeals to the "mass"es. I may not like her show, or her acting, but she has a voice that echoes in the ears of billions of people all over the world, and I would encourage her and any and all celebs from all walks of life to speak out again and again until it sinks in, and all these wars are over!

come on now... 10.Apr.2003 22:02


She was in Office Space, which is the best fucking movie I've ever seen.