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Who is that LA COP dude?

Have you come across a bulky man with dark hair and a cop moustache who claims to be an LA cop?
At several anti-war demonstrations lately, a bulky man with dark hair and a cop mustache has appeared among the crowd, and has apparently been trying to incite people. He has been observed shouting obnoxious comments at protesters, and has identified himself in each incident as a "cop from LA." In one case, he threatened to arrest an indymedia reporter because she disagreed with him. In another case, he apparently assaulted a woman on the 25th. In both cases, the man wore a baseball cap. On the 20th, he was wearing a dark jacket, and on the 25th he was wearing a yellow rain jacket. Has anyone else come across this man? Who is he and why is he here? Keep your eye out for him.
always be prepared 10.Apr.2003 10:48

krazy in the glue

carry a camera! take pictures of these people, expose the cointelpro that try to divide the people.

Yes! 10.Apr.2003 11:35

I saw him!

I saw that guy on the 20th. He was standing on the corner of 2nd and Burnside, talking shit to a group of people on the corner. I heard him huffing and puffing about what the cops were going to do to the protesters -- like he was some kind of authority or something. When he started describing how they were gonna "take down" anyone who didn't obey, I turned around and asked if he thought that was a good thing, that the cops were about to use chemical weapons on peaceful people.

He got all in my face and said he was a cop from LA and that I was "talking to the wrong person" if I wanted to defend the protesters. I told him if he was an LA cop, then he was the wrong person, all right. He started saying, "You wanna go to jail? U wanna go to jail?" I laughed at him cuz he was such a joke, and said, "What? U gonna send me to jail, mr. la cop?" He made a threatening move, accused me of "incitement" and called me a bitch. I turned away and told him to shut the fuck up, but he came at me again, calling me more obscenities. I accused him of "incitement." He said his name. I don't remember it right now, but I had a video camera, and he said it on camera. I'll find it and report back with his name, and if I can figure out how, I will post a picture.

Does anybody else know anything about this dork?

LA Cop 10.Apr.2003 13:37

A little nuts?

I was one of those at 2nd & Burndside that this guy was taliking to. He may be a little nuts. After going on for about 30 minutes like the previous post mentioned, he then proceeded to go buy a couple of pizzas and distribute them to the folks sitting in the intersection. I also saw him running from the scene of the assalut and it was the same guy. I believe the assault victim has been given more info about his identity.

Federal cop on a bike? 10.Apr.2003 16:29


At the March 28th Critical Mass ride, there was a guy who apparently claimed that he was some kind of federal cop. I'm not sure about the exact details, it was second-hand info. He looked very all-American, like a blond, clean-cut Marine type. He was riding a nice mountain bike and wearing sunglasses (despite the late hour and cloud cover) as well as headphones that were supposedly not for music. He stood by himself, deliberately separated from the rest of the bikers. I didn't think to take a picture of him at the time.

Didn't think too much about it until I saw him riding (with the same gear) on the sidewalk on SE Hawthorne between 34th and 35th. He was riding in the same surveillance manner that I've observed in many other Portland bike cops. If he is an undercover cop...well, it's just lame.

I'll take a photo of him and post it if I see him at Critical Mass again.

Sounds Like... 11.Apr.2003 00:38

Ed Harley

Sounds like he may be an unemployed security guard/FReeper, who lost track of his medication.

Exercise extreme caution. Ask for ID next time he tells you he's a cop. Wear a string of Garlic around your neck at all times.