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What the FUCK is going on with IMCpdx calendar?

I'm getting REALLY TIRED of having to enter calendar items two or three times only to see them and sometimes weeks' worth of upcoming events disappear into the 'cyber ether'. In addition to KBOO, there is now another rad / peace / justice event calendar in town at  http://anarchysoftware.com/peacecal/. IMCpdx is well on its way to losing it's place as the comprehensive leftist event announcement listing for Portland. It would be sad to see IMCpdx lose that role -- because so many of us love the Indymedia package that the calendar comes wrapped in.
the summary says it

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Didn't even know about this! 10.Apr.2003 06:33

indy volunteer

I too was wondering whether there was really nothing posted for April. Thanks for calling atttention to this... I was under the impression there was a backup being made of all postings daily so this wouldn't happen. I hadn't seen the April calendar until I posted yesterday... was wondering about the lack of content.

Thanks for the update on the new calendar! 10.Apr.2003 09:33


good to know about this!