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Day 21--where are the W.M.D.s?

where in the world are all of those Iraqi W.M.D.s?
Day 21--where are the W.M.D.s?
Day 21--where are the W.M.D.s?
on the way... 10.Apr.2003 02:05

from Umatilla Army Depot

The WMDs are on the way from Umatilla. They should be in Iraq anytime now, ready for embedded journalists to discover.

Funny 10.Apr.2003 08:52

Ed Harley

It's going to be pretty entertaining to see the US Ministry of Information's (CNNFOXNEWSNYTIMESAOLNBCCBSETC) report on 'finding' WMDs in Iraq. Of course, anyone with a whiff of sense knows that Bush, Rumsfeld and Co. were chomping at the bit to start bombing before the UN had a chance to not find anything.

I wonder when the next war against a tyrant that the US created and armed will begin.

No use = no threat 10.Apr.2003 10:02


If Hussein wouldn't, and didn't use WMD when his government and country were being attacked and destroyed, then he was no threat to the US. When would he have used them? The war has proven the lie of American propaganda. Hussein was never a threat to the US. This war is a war of aggression, not defense. The USA is now the equivalent of Germany in the 40s, sending its troops to attack and conquer. When the rest of the world unites to stop the menace that is Bush and company, pretending to represent the USA, well, I'll be able to say "I told you so." Get ready for staged demonstrations of rejoicing Portlanders putting the Chinese flag over statues of GW Bush.

I know where their at 10.Apr.2003 20:58


There in Syria, now let's go liberate those people!