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Code Pink Action report

Code Pink is making pink splashes all over town.
We gathered at 5pm at the busy intersection of SE Hawthorne and 12th, pink flag flying, 8 pink clad women flashing peace signs and showing banners and anti-war messages to the commuters. Several bus lines travel through that intersection, so we carried the message to lots of Tri-met riders and not a few bicyclists too.

We were there for an hour and a half and were received well by most passersby. Lots of honks and waves and peace signs returned; just a few single digit waves and a couple of comments that were definitely not pink (blue air better describes it).

You never know when the women of pink will appear at an intersection, mall or business near you! Look for us at the march Saturday under the pink banner.

Photo of our Washington Square action to follow soon.
Saw you! 10.Apr.2003 23:14


Saw you on Hawthorne today and was one of those folks flashing a friendly peace sign at ya. Thanks for being there!