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Blix: WMD only 'pretext' for US-led invasion

WMD a hoax and, now, big "chemical cache" doesn't pan out either
Excerpts From the BBC website, April 9:
In an interview with Spanish daily El Pais, chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix hinted he believed Iraq's contended possession of weapons of mass destruction had served as a pretext for a US-led invasion.
"There is evidence this war was planned well in advance," he said.
"You ask yourself a lot of questions when you see the things they [the US] did to try and demonstrate that the Iraqis had nuclear weapons, like the fake contract with Niger," he said.
He was referring to the discovery by UN inspectors that documents the US alleged proved Iraq had tried to buy uranium from the African state had been forged.
Mr. Blix said he thought finding banned weapons in Iraq was now a low priority for coalition forces - and that "today, the main aim is to change the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein".
US commanders continue to stress the threat posed by banned weapons. ...
On Wednesday, US Brigadier General Vincent Brooks warned that Saddam loyalists were still holding out in some parts of northern Iraq, and might resort to using weapons of mass destruction.
On Monday, US defence officials said that initial field tests on a number of chemicals found near the city of Karbala suggested the possible presence of the nerve agents sarin and tabun, as well as mustard gas.
But there have already been a series of false alarms.
On Saturday, US officials admitted to the latest, when they said tests on thousands of vials of white powder touted to be a possible chemical warfare agent revealed it was more likely to be an explosive or antidote.
Too Little and Too Late, Hans 09.Apr.2003 22:33

Fuck the UN

Now Hans Blix finally admits what the antiwar movement was saying from the Git-go: the Weapons of Mass Destruction issue was merely a propaganda pretext to justify American intervention and aggression against Iraq.

Too little and too late, Hans. You should have said this from the beginning.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the timing of Blix's statement--just as the USA has captured Baghdad and the war is seemingly over--is suspicious. Seems like Blix is only willing to tell the truth when it is "safe" to do so.

Fuck you Hans. And fuck the United Nations as well.

For all you Liberals out there that believe the United Nations is some kind of noble political organization that can be depended upon to uphold International law and justice, think the fuck again.

Fuck the U.S-CONTROLLED U.N. 09.Apr.2003 22:58


Woah, let's not be so hasty.

You're absolutely right if you think the United Nations can't work correctly if it's under the thumb of the U.S, or if America can just side-step the U.N. whenever it's not getting it's way.

But, if the United Nations were no longer at the beck-and-call of the United States, it could be very effective.

My U.S. leaders should be tried as war criminals... pretty much all of them in Bush II's administration, Clinton's... Bush I's... even Reagan's. I'm not old enough to remember much beyond that.

Foolish people... 09.Apr.2003 23:07


So the shooting hasn't even stopped yet and we are supposed to just find everything right away? You act like a screamy whiny baby who wants his bottle right now or he will throw a temper tantrum. I guess in their haste the retreating Iraqi soldiers forgot to put up the big flashing arrow signs that say "Weapons of Mass Destruction Here!" so it might take us a few weeks to find this poison...

so, 'Woodsman' . . . 09.Apr.2003 23:56

Where Are They?

according to you,

the war is over.

and this invasion--we've been told over and over again--is about the issue of Saddam's WMDs.

The war is over--or isn't it??

where are the WMDs we've all heard so much about?
so, 'Woodsman' . . .
so, 'Woodsman' . . .

I want to be punished...and then put in power 10.Apr.2003 01:15


Given the atrocities of probably the greatest body of authority in the history of the planet (the U.S.A.) I am joining the chorus of voices on the Left to call for the consolidation of even greater authority in the hands of the UN, the ICC or just a good old fashioned global government! whoo hoo! I don't want a cure, I want more of the disease! I'm just disgusted by the actions of G.W. Bush... I know that Ralph and I could do much better if we were in charge!

Don't forget, children: Cursing and running are just as against the non-violence codes as fighting police. Towels too, remember that one??

someone tell Blix 10.Apr.2003 01:45


that that is obvious!

the problem with the un 10.Apr.2003 01:51


is the existenc of that old coldwar institution: the Security Council, where the real power lies. The security should be scrapped and the General Assembly be the real body. That way, US would be one nation amonst nation, noit something special

Blix could say nothing 10.Apr.2003 04:00


It was only proper that Blix not express his opinions while in the role of chief inspector. He job was to report objectively and accurately and not offer speculation.

Now that he is not in that role he more free. I see nothing improper here.

It stands to reason that if Saddam had anything he would have used it by now. That's my guess.

A Well Organized Play 10.Apr.2003 08:43


This entire affair is a well choreographed production, from the false entry into the war to the highly edited news reporting, including the footage of celebrating Iraqis and children kissing soldiers. Of couse, that occurred, but it's what you're NOT seeing is what is important. Wait until the gloating by the right is over with, after the war is old and we renege on our promises (if I'm wrong, I'll admit it, but this is Bush we're talking about - there's always an agenda even if it is not immediately realized), when the soldiers finally tell some of the stories nobody wants to hear. Went Persian Gulf Syndrome Part II starts arriving at the VA, and it will happen. By then, America will have again lost it's short term memory and Bush will be "liberating" some other country. Where's Osama? Where's the WMD's? Iraq never posed much of a threat, just surprised the troops at first, but they can't hold up to our sheer fire power. Again, what a waste to depose one man. I hope all you tax activists are happy with how your money has been spent and will continue to be spent, supporting the wealthy. Oh, sorry bout those schools.

WMD's in Iraq 10.Apr.2003 09:29

David B.

I'd be very surprised if any significant (i.e. usable, in quantities more than a few overlooked remains left over after inspector-coreced destruction) WMD's exist in Iraq.

Really now, would a thug like Saddam resist using WMD's when his back's against the wall? He didn't show any qualms about using them against the Kurds and the Iranians, and they posed far less a threat to his regieme than the US invasion did.

The fact that Saddam hasn't already used WMD's is evidence enough to suggest that he simply doesn't have any. Ritter (and many others) were right: the inspections worked.

Of course, fat chance of getting any other nation to agree to inspections now that the precedent has been set of using inspections first to soften up an opponent prior to launching an attack on them.

Portland, OR

I guess you weren't aware... 10.Apr.2003 13:40


"Really now, would a thug like Saddam resist using WMD's when his back's against the wall?"

He didn't use them because he knows that the retaliation of the United States for a chemical attack is a tactical nuclear strike...